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The vice president of Ecuador, sentenced to six years in prison for the ' Odebrecht case '

Jorge Glas, in pre-trial detention, received millionaire bribes from the Brazilian construction company

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The vice president of Ecuador, sentenced to six years in prison for the ' Odebrecht case '

The vice president of Ecuador, Jorge Glas, has been sentenced to six years ' imprisonment on Wednesday for his participation in Odebrecht corruption plot. The National Court of Justice considers that ' number two ' of former President Rafael Correa is responsible for a crime of illicit association. "Glas articulated with José Conceição Santos-Manager of construction company in Ecuador- award of public contracts in exchange for payments" considered criminal chamber. Glas thus becomes authority of greater, in position, to be condemned by Odebrecht case. The Court furr pointed out that investigation allows for configuration of at least eight or crimes and seeks compensation for state of 33.3 million dollars.

That is amount that, according to revealed U.S. Department of State in December 2016, Brazilian construction company had paid in bribes in Ecuador in exchange for securing large infrastructure works. The judge Rapporteur of judgement has refore ordered that prosecution receive copies of process for initiation of investigations by way of cofact, embezzlement (embezzlement of funds), concussion, illicit enrichment, organized crime, Testaferrismo, Asset laundering and influence peddling.

The former president Correa has reacted quickly on social networks by knowing conviction to whoever was his right hand during last four years of his government. He has repeated once again that he has condemned an "innocent" and that trial is "full of so many irregularities", as objective of authorities is, according to president, seize vice president.

In addition to Glas, national Court has also condemned six years in prison and resignation of its citizens ' rights to uncle of vice president, Ricardo Rivera. According to sis held by indictment during trial, which lasted just over two weeks, Rivera would also have received bribes from Brazilian, without any public charge, in exchange for trading as an intermediary with his nephew. The court also considers him principally responsible for facts. One of tests to which Tribunal has seized to condemn both are emails that crossed in which were referred to public contracts or matters by Vice president, although initially, both defended that only talked or They saw sporadically for family events.

Of or defendants, re are three who have also received maximum penalty of illicit association, three ors who have benefited from a decline of 80% for having cooperated with Justice, one has not been condemned and four ors are fugitives from authorities. Among latter, re is general Excomptroller, Carlos Pólit, accused of accepting payments in exchange for disappearing reports of liability that referred to contracts with state.

As it is a judgment in first instance, vice president and or convicts may submit appropriate resources to try to change or annul judgment. In any case, sentence furr complicates political situation of Glas.

The Vice-President, aged 48, remains in pre-trial detention since beginning of October, after confession, issued by videoconferencing, of Odebrecht manager in Ecuador, in which Santos placed Glas as public official who knew and coordinated Payment of bribes in major works contracts. During government of Rafael Correa, Glas held positions of Coordinating Minister of strategic sectors, to which belong works investigated, and Vice-president in charge of m.

Although he was revalidated as vice president in May elections, President Lenin Moreno le Stripped in August of his duties. Glas has always refused to renounce, sticking to his innocence and to argument that whole case is a conspiracy of Odebrecht against him. And process of political judgement or motion of censure against Glas also did not prosper in National Assembly. However, according to Ecuadorian legislation, Vice-President may be removed to appoint a substitute from 2 January for being absent from office for three months.

Among multimillionaire projects investigated in this process, re is a hydroelectric center, a refinery that has only completed sanitation of land, a pipeline, an aqueduct and a transfer of water between rivers. All of m belong to strategic sectors, which were in charge of Glas and in all, y have detected overprices.


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