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The withdrawal of a moderate conservative judge in the U.S. Supreme opens the door to another right turn

The substitution of Antony Kennedy, a key figure in the legalization of the gay marriage, gives Trump the opportunity to appoint another member of the tribunal before the legislative

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The withdrawal of a moderate conservative judge in the U.S. Supreme opens the door to another right turn

Moderate conservative judge Anthony Kennedy announced on Wednesday his intention to retire from U.S. Supreme Court at end of July, which gives Donald Trump opportunity to appoint his replacement and furr strengn majority Conservative of highest judicial instance of country. In past year, that majority has led to a number of sentences in favor of religious groups and right. This same Wednesday, before Kennedy's announcement, ruled against unions by determining that public employees cannot be forced to join and pay dues if y do not want to.

During 2016 election campaign, in Trump's rallies, one could sense trumpist fervor, that of those Americans who bored to go to various acts of candidate who had broken schemes and had seduced m more than any or candidate y remembered. But those were just a few of voters who took New York tycoon to presidency. The rest, black PATA Republicans, who supported him by 80%, did so many times without passion, because y preferred anor candidate, sometimes even with suspicion, but with very specific aims: it will lower taxes, maintain status quo of regulation of weapons and He will place a conservative judge in supreme to cover vacancy he had. The Senate Republicans prevented Barack Obama from covering vacancy, as it was, in an act of political filibuster whose transcendence is now being seen.

That judge was Neil Gorsuch, who was nominated by Trump as he arrived at White House and guaranteed conservative majority of Tribunal, with five members considered as such and four progressives whose term of office is life. Both on Wednesday's ruling against trade unions and on day before in favor of government's migratory veto for several Muslim-majority countries, ir vote in line with Conservatives has been decisive for final opinion.

Kennedy's 81-year-old announcement of a more centrist profile than rest of Conservatives gives Trump opportunity to reinforce a conservative turn in court. Reagan-nominated in 1987, his record shows a moderate conservative profile. In 2015, for example, his vote was key to same-sex marriage being legal today throughout United States. Kennedy joined four progressive judges, in front of opinion of rest of Conservatives, among which was n Antonin Scalia.

The highest judicial court in United States is now divided. The three decisions made public in last two days have been supported by five votes in favor (those considered conservatives Samuel Alito, John G. Roberts, Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas, and Gorsuch) and four against (Sonia Sotomayor, Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan).

With death of Scalia, in February 2016, n-President, Democrat Barack Obama, tried to bring supreme to a moderate progressive, president of Washington Court of Appeals, Merrick Garland, as a relay. The Republicans, however, blocked ir appointment in Senate and did not allow substitution of Scalia until more than a year later, with a Republican, Trump, already president. The Democrats n tried to pay with same coin and avoid appointment of Gorsuch as new judge of supreme, but Republicans resorted to so-called "nuclear option": y changed rules to be able to approve it with only simple majority in Senate.

The supreme has been instrumental in transformation of American society, has marked passage of history with sentences such as that of homosexual marriage, which banned racial segregation in schools or one that legalized abortion. Or supreme judges are of advanced age, like Kennedy. The progressive Ruth Bader Ginsburg, for example, is 85 years old, and conservative Breyer has 79. Gorsuch is youngest, with 50 years, which guarantees its influence in court for decades.

In Wednesday ruling on trade unions, Tribunal considered that obligation to pay trade unions to public officials "violates non-Members ' freedom of expression rights by forcing m to subsidize private speeches in matter of substantial public interest, "in words of Judge Samuel Alito, author of majority opinion. The decision implies a blow for financing of workers ' unions.

The previous day, also with five votes in favor and four against, endorsed Trump's migratory veto and contempted anti-abortionist movements by considering "probably" unconstitutional California law that forces anti-abortion organizations to Provide information on state-funded pregnancy interruption procedures.

The Republicans will try to achieve in autumn confirmation in Senate of Kennedy substitute, before legislative elections of November 6, which can put at risk majority in Chambers is at risk. The excuse of Republican spokesman in Senate, Mitch McConnell, to prevent appointment of Judge Garland in 2016 was that it was produced too close to elections.


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