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", there's a lot of people we can't stand anymore. I'm Leaving "

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After three years in Barcelona, where he was also born, yesterday he returned to Madrid tired of tension suffered by non-independence in Catalonia.

His cousin, who is married to a Catalan and also lives in Barcelona, has asked for transfer to his company.

At two and a half in afternoon of Thursday puts last lump in car, a voluminous blue suitcase in which has knotted a flag of Spain, and closes trunk, giving also slammed to Catalonia. After three years in Barcelona, city where he was born and lived until age of four, he left to Madrid, where his parents reside.

"I've been hesitating all year--' I'm going, I'm not going, I'm going, I'm not going--" and I had decided to stay, but with everything that's going on,what do I paint here? "The City I love, but suddenly I feel very lonely and far away from my values." He studied nursing assistant, worked in city as a clerk, is 27 years old and is advance of what many ors are chewing: leaving Catalonia to an atmosphere of tension that for many non-independence has been unbreathable after 1-O.

Last Tuesday, day streets of Barcelona were taken by protests of 3-O, her mor drove from Madrid to help her move and move all things she has accumulated in last three years. She and her husband lived for a decade in Catalonia, where y went in 1994, but y keep here family and friends. In few hours he has in Catalonia, he says, re are few acquaintances who have told him that y also want or plan to leave. "But not everyone has facilities of my daughter, who is single and has no family burdens, to leave suddenly," she explains. "Yesterday I was with my nephew, who has married a Catalan and lives here and said: ' I am not willing to have my children grow up in this environment. '" He has already asked his company to move it, and his wife, who is a doctor and here he had a series of earned rights, will lose m when he leaves. "But money isn't everything in life."

The girl from Madrid on Thursday October 5 is saying goodbye to Barcelona explains that he does not want to publish his name or face not to be pointed out and not to disgust friends who leave here and do not think like her. "I have many independence friends who have always treated me very well and I do not want to offend m, but I also want to know that this is happening, that re are many people who can not take more," he explains. He has been living in a shared apartment in which were six people, three locals and three Catalans independence, and ensures that despite explosive combination has never been friction in coexistence by political situation. "Today I have lifted from wall of my room flag of Spain and Atleti." And I told my partner in Madrid: 'I give you flag of Spain if you hang it on balcony '. He has hung it and people on street have applauded. "This neighborhood is less conflicting," he says, referring to Uptown Barcelona, where we take a Coke on a terrace next to already loaded car.

Behind walls of his shared apartment he has felt free to say what he thinks but not so much of doors outside. "Here I cry [now lower your voice to Whisper] ' live Spain ' and it is as if you were insulting someone;" And I'm super proud of my country. Say that you are right is also an insult and do not think to defend Rajoy in whatever, he says. "And my friends find it outrageous that I defend police action, which of course I defend."

We asked mor how it is perceived in Madrid what happens in Catalonia. He replies that re is "a lot of sadness in environment" and says that family and friendship ruptures that are occurring here have come to Madrid even. "Two Friends of my daughter, intimate, from school, one from Catalonia and anor from Madrid have stopped talking," he laments. The group of paddle of nephew who resides in Barcelona and is thinking of leaving has dissolved for same. "Last night, talking to my daughter's friends," y said, "What's going to be twitching between people?" Well, y're not going to hit, but y stopped talking, "says mor."

The first thing that daughter will do when y arrive in Madrid, after unpacking, will be to sit down with her far, "Who knows a lot of history", and ask him to explain very clearly how to refute arguments of independenceists with respect to Catalonia "when I discuss with m" , y have very well studied what to say and I do not know how to respond because I do not know history. "I have to be quiet for my incultura and I don't want it to happen again"

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