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Theresa May resists her first Test after the general election

Corbyn's Labour fails to capitalize on Prime minister's wear in local elections

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Theresa May resists her first Test after the general election

British Prime Minister Theresa May has survived first date with polls after last year's dramatic general election, in which she lost her absolute majority. The recount of local elections held this Thursday in part of England, not yet completed this Friday morning, has brought good and bad news for two main parties. Labour gains more than Conservatives. But Jeremy Corbyn's failed to repeat success of generals and, despite gains, are far from optimistic expectations.

In general terms, first data indicate that, as expected, Labour grows in London and Conservatives improve a little out of capital. But Tories retain some symbolic bastions of center of capital, such as Kensington and Chelsea, a traditionally conservative district where he won laborism in 2017. Those symbolic victories are ones that would have turned night into a party for Labour.

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In elections 4,371 positions were chosen in 150 municipalities, only in England and especially in urban areas. Although partial, y constituted first great Test since generals of 2017, in which Labour won unexpectedly 30 seats, snatching Theresa May absolute majority and reaffirming until n much answered Jeremy Corbyn in leadership of Labour Party.

"Without Scotland, and voting only in metropolitan areas, results will hardly be extrapolated to rest of country. But it is a real choice and has more weight than polls, especially taking into account scarce success of se in recent years, "explained to country Jon Lansman, leader of Momentum, grassroots citizen movement, parallel to party, which clos Corbyn.

Although y improve ir number of councillors, Labour will hardly be able to presume victory. Local elections, held in middle of legislature, usually bring punishments to ruling parties, and changes in government tend to come preceded by a defeat in premises. "For a party that has been out of power for eight years, like labourer, not winning by landslide in local elections is a failure," explained Tony Travers, a professor at London School of Economics.

The vote in elections like those of Thursday responds typically to a mixture of motivations of local and national scale. It would not be fair to make a purely national reading of results. But it is undeniable that y do not reflect an overwhelming appetite for change.

Corbyn has not been able to capitalize on obvious wear of Theresa May. The Prime minister came to elections in midst of an internal war over Brexit, in his cabinet and in his party, which is paralysing negotiations with Brussels, less than a year after rupture is consumed. On same eve of elections, Eurosceptics of his cabinet blocked a proposal from May to bring positions on issue of union or customs divergence with EU, forcing prime minister to continue without defining his position in one of most Important.

May came with a record of four resigned ministers in six months. With its migratory policy in eye of hurricane after scandal of abuse received by Windrush generation, citizens of Caribbean countries of Commonwealth arrived in United Kingdom after Second World War. But he has managed to avoid a great defeat at polls. Not even fire disaster in June last year at Grenfell Tower, where 71 people died and neighborhood demanded responsibilities from local authorities, has prevented conservatives from retaining municipal power in London district of Kensington and Chelsea.

The Eurosceptic and populist UKIP, in freefall since Brexit referendum, has been virtually swept off map, and that may have helped conservatives in some districts. The Liberal Democrats, on or hand, managed to improve ir results, with some symbolic victory like one that is supposed to recover London district of Richmond.


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