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They emptied the whole place

Baghdad's operation, "evacuate the places you occupy immediately" initiated by Barzani, who does not listen to the ultimatum continues.

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They emptied the whole place

The first day of operation with Iraqi army and Iranian-backed Hashdi Shai militia was controlled in Kirkuk. The forces of peshmerga, who immediately abandoned Kirkuk, were taken from occupied Ninova, Tuzhurmatu, Tazehurmatu, Celavla, Cabbara, Sadiyya, Karatepe, Rabia, Sincar, Mahmur and Kifre. The oil fields occupied by Ikby in Kirkuk have also been fully managed by Baghdad. The Iraqi Oil Ministry reported that personnel will be appointed as soon as y are in facilities.

Operation to Sincar

Seeing that Iraqi army moved from town of Mosul to Mahmur from village of Kayyara, Peshmerge has emptied all government agencies here, while some Kurdish families who are anxious about arrival of Hashdi Shabi are about 60 km away from Erbil Down road. A similar situation occurred in Sincar, west of Tel Afer, which was cleaned up some time ago from Deaş. In district where Ezidins intervened, Barzani officials in official institutions were fired. Now eyes have been translated into Mount Sincar, which has been occupied by PKK since August 2014. The organization's ' second candle ' is expected to operate on Mount Sincar. The alleged operation of Iran's doors to norrn Iraq was being denied, while Baghdad forces, Iraq's Syrian border, Semelka and Yarubiye was learned that door was directed. Meanwhile, terror organization Deaş, who knew opportunity to churn, seized two villages in west of Kirkuk. The Deaans, who were learned from group who escaped from Havice, attacked villages of El-Milh and ET-Tuveyilya, 45 km west of Kirkuk.

  • Trench Wire
  • After Iraqi central government had power to control entire city of Kirkuk, peshmerga began digging ditches on Erbil-Kirkuk highway. The peshmerga forces, positioned behind excavated ditch, do not want Iraqi army and Hashdi Shabi to move to Erbil. The forces connected to Barzani were seen to strengn fortifications at checkpoints around 35 kilometers away from Erbil and were stationed along way.


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