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Thousands of Peruvians march against the threat of a new coup Fujimori

The protest, which has been held in Lima and Cuzco, occurs after the Congress began the process of dismissal of President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski

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Thousands of Peruvians march against the threat of a new coup Fujimori

For three hours, thousands of Peruvians protested this Saturday, after Congress began process of destitution of president of country, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK). The demonstration, held in Lima and Cuzco, also served to defend Constitutional Court and Public Prosecutor's Office, democratic institutions threatened by Popular force, most of which were Fujimori in Parliament.

"I voted for Fujimori first time and n I saw everything y did. I disagree with how you are abusing your majority today in Congress. My children are well aware of what happened in years 90, I make m watch videos. I am against what y want to do now with Constitutional Court, "commented Agnes Montes, a 48-year-old citizen who was marching with her daughter.

Eloísa, 25, a student of administration, had or reasons to attend demonstration. "There is evidence that president is corrupt, but re has been no due process [of dismissal] and I believe that fujimorismo is doing this to cover up investigations on Keiko Fujimori, who is involved in issues of corruption. If you will fall PPK, lest she be saved, "he mused.

"For autonomy of our institutions, not coup d'état," Keiko, with Constitutional Court, don't get involved, "not Fujigolpe," "Be Corrupt coupers," "I support prosecution," "No Al Narcoestado," "Keiko, whatever you do, Peru will never accept your Narcoestado, "Some of hundreds of posters that protesters carried were praying.

The protest was convened by Colectivo no Keiko, and a large number of young people attended, re was no presence of guilds or political parties. Among or attendees were psychoanalyst Max Hernández, former secretary of National Agreement — a tripartite forum created in 2002 to strengn rule of law — and journalist Edmundo Cruz, whose investigations helped clarify massacre Of Cantuta in 1992 which was perpetrated by Colina Group, an army detachment.

The demonstration in Lima departed from Plaza San Martín and followed by four main avenues of center of capital, guarded by national police. In only moment of tension, a group headed towards local party Fujimori, Popular force, but some 50 meters earlier, agents prevented m from passing.

"Now or never, corrupt to jail!," for justice and dignity, Fujimori never Again, "" Dictatorship Never Again, "" Keiko: Beat, you're not President! "were some of most repeated chants that were accompanied by applause.

A few meters from where protest began, in a premises of Teachers ' Guild, a citizens ' assembly convened by human rights activists discussed what actions to take on Wednesday, on eve of vote for removal of Kuczynski.

The opposition parties force Popular and APRA approved on Thursday, in a subcommittee of Congress, to dismiss for 10 years Eloy Saldaña, magistrate of Constitutional Court, and to suspend for one month three ors. The final decision still needs to be voted in plenary of legislature. The manoeuvre of Fujimorismo aims to achieve greater control of that body of justice that must decide on a habeas corpus for release of former president Alberto Fujimori, and a possible remedy on tax investigation to Keiko Fujimori for funds of its Campaign in 2011. Marcelo Odebrecht has indicated that his company also contributed to campaign and prosecution has found signs of double accounting.

In addition, FUJIMORISMO has also approved a complaint against nation's prosecutor, Pablo Sanchez, in parliament's Subcommittee on constitutional accusations, in order to dismiss him. Fuerza Popular acted against head of public prosecutor days after prosecutor's office rebried an investigation into an asset laundering of an Exfujimori congressman, Joaquín Ramírez.

In 1997, three judges of Constitutional Court were dismissed by Fujmorismo — who dominated Congress during second government of Alberto Fujimori — because y opposed a new law of "auntic interpretation" of Constitution that allowed That n president would be re-elected for second time.


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