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Three billion accounts! -All Yahoo accounts 2013 affected by theft

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Three billion accounts! -All Yahoo accounts 2013 affected by theft

The biggest known steal was even more powerful than thought!

Hackers did not gain access to information from one, but from three billion accounts and thus from all Yahoo accounts.

As US telecom company Verizon, who had taken over Yahoo's core business earlier this year, said, triple affected accounts from "new findings" of investigations into hacker attack, involving also experts in digital forensics were involved.

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The affected users would be informed by e-mail, shared Verizon Internet division with. In cyberattack, hackers would not have stolen unencrypted passwords or data on bank accounts or credit cards.

Yahoo was 2013 and also became a year later target of a hacker attack. 2014, personal data of more than 500 million users were stolen.

Also interesting

The US authorities assume that Russian secret agents have two hackers commissioned to launch between 2014 and 2016 attacks on Yahoo.

One of two is to be 22-year-old Kazakhs Karim Baratow, who has now been arrested in Canada.

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