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Three women reactivate their harassment allegations against Trump and ask Congress to open an investigation

The complainants, on behalf of a group of 16 alleged victims, join the wave of the yotambién. The White House denies the accusations

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Three women reactivate their harassment allegations against Trump and ask Congress to open an investigation

The wave against sexual harassment across United States has struck President Donald Trump today. Three women who had accused billionaire of improper sexual conduct have united ir voices and, on behalf of a group of 16 alleged victims, have called on Congress to open an investigation. The barrage, which can hardly prosper due to Republican parliamentary majority, attacks Trump in one of his darkest and weakest points: his relationship with opposite sex. "Times have changed and I want you to listen to us again," said a whistleblower.

The United States lives feverish days. Since uncovering rotten pot of film producer Harvey Weinstein, who has already been accused by 80 actresses, re is no week without scandal. In less than two months, more than 40 executives, businessmen, celebrities and politicians have fallen struck of course sexual harassment.

Under this storm, it was only a matter of time before Rays reach president. First were sporadic accounts of past, n colloquiums with alleged victims in television and today in new York a complete staging: The film producer Brave New films, taking advantage of new airs of metoo (yotambién), has gared Three of participants in documentary 16 women and Donald Trump, issued in November, to share ir experiences. They were Rachel crooks, Jessica Leeds and Samanta Holvey.

"They have to be heard"

American ambassador to UN, Nikki Haley, is an emerging figure. His success in Security Council has added to his clear voice on thorny issues. Bullying is one of m. Asked in an interview on CBS by women who have denounced Donald Trump, ambassador surprised country with her candor: "They must be heard and deal with it." Any woman who feels raped or abused in any way has every right to speak, he said, breaking official line that elections were end point of case. "I know he was chosen, but we must always be ready to listen," settled.

The first reported that in 2005 tycoon pounced on her and kissed her without permission in an elevator from Trump Tower where she worked as a receptionist. I was 22 years old. The second, allegedly suffered billionaire's touches on a flight in Seventies. I didn't know him at all. And third ensures that he was bullied in dressing room during Miss America pageant. "He came in when he was naked," he said. They all called for conduct of now president to be investigated. "Let same yardstick be applied to Weinstein," crooks demanded.

It's not first time Trump's been flagged for harassment. In 30 years, he's been charged 24 times. No imputation has prospered. And as it happened on Monday, every complaint has been disavowed emphatically. "They are false accusations, questioned by eyewitnesses and responded with arms during campaign." The American people issued ir verdict by awarding Trump victory, "said White House, which considered presentation" an advertising tour with political motivations. "

But if in judicial field Trump has always been victorious, his credibility has not emerged unscad. The lower point was played in election campaign when it uncovered a recording of 2005, in which n showman said: "I start Besándolas ..." I don't even expect. When you're a star, n y let you do. Ágarralas by pussy; "You can do whatever you want."

Beyond scandal, his remarks portrayed a brutal and unmeasured Trump with women. A potential stalker. The shock wave of recording made his closest collaborators fear end of his electoral career. But millionaire survived, though with difficulty.

On same day he issued a brief statement in which he described his words as "costume joke" and took advantage of attacking Bill Clinton, who claimed that he had said "much worse things on golf course." It was a failed answer that only ignited his detractors even more.

Hours later, forced by his wife, Melania, and his daughter Ivanka, he issued a video in which he said: "I have never told it to be perfect and I have never pretended to be someone I am not." I have said and done things that I regret, and words published today in a video that has more than a decade are one of m. Anyone who knows me know that those words don't represent me. I said, "I was wrong and I apologize."

His excuses knew little. But it was worth it to go ahead in campaign and, in end, win elections. Since n, he has tried to circumvent issue of harassment and has even supported metoo gale. "It is very good for women and I am very happy that se things come to light," he has come to say.

His statements in favor of victims have had an ephemeral life. He sank m when, against his own party, he came out in defense of Republican candidate for Senate by Alabama, Roy Moore, accused of child abuse. A backup that he placed again in diswhereabouts. That place where Trump lives permanently.


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