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Too creepy! -Horror clown loses circus job

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Too creepy!  -Horror clown loses circus job

Halloween is still far away, but horror clowns have already found ir first victim.

Doug Child (40) has been on stage for two years as a psycho-clown Rellik with British Circus of horrors. Now job loss threatens him. Reason: The performance is too creepy.

Guilt is horror clown Apocalypse on Halloween a year ago: masked horror clowns frightened unsuspecting people on streets in all countries of world, even violent assaults occurred. Now many fear a return of eerie creepy-faces. Also Doug Childs boss...

Horror Clowns
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    Life-threatening trend from US: in US state of Pennsylvania, a 16-year-old student was stabbed by a horror clown.

The circus of horrors have been available since 1995. The first appearances were at Glastonbury Festival, 2011 was circus group in final of TV show "Britain's Got Talent".

"Our philosophy was always that people liked to be frightened but not hurt, but since outbreak of killer clown wave last year, more and more people are afraid that y will be hurt," says "Circus of Horrors"-founder Dr. Haze "mirror".

Also interesting
Since 2015, Doug Child (M.) Joins circus of Horrors as a clown Rellik, not only in United Kingdom Photo: Mauritius Images

With Stephen Kings "It" is something else: this is obviously a movie and [ Clown] Pennywise will not jump out of screen, whereas our clown could. " The show director fears that visitors will stay out of horror clown.

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Stage clown Doug: "I'm devastated. I work on Halloween at ' FearFestEvil ' in Chepstow, but that's it. The ' Circus of horrors ' has said that if I think of a different role, but what it looks like right now, I'm going to go to job Center on November 1. "

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