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Touching Video! - Here is a 66-Year old 1. Changes Colors

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Touching Video! - Here is a 66-Year old 1. Changes Colors

His life, for him re was only black and white. Now he sees world, thanks to a pair of glasses for first Time, as it really is – full of different colors. His family filmed first moments and reached Video on Youtube in two days, already more than half a Million people, hundreds commented on it (as of Friday evening).

The American William Reed has family to his 66. Birthday home invited. On horizon sun is setting slowly, as his loved one to ask out.

in Front of him on front steps: in a package. With-sceptic clothing view William reaches in and pulls out a small, oblong gift-wrapped Package. Under Gaze of his family, he seems almost a little annoyed by cumbersome packaging.

Finally, William, glasses case in his Hand. Suddenly, crackling silence. William stares for a Moment at glasses, n asks, perplexed: "What is it?" The family calls on him to put m on and he obeys.

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What happens n is just incredibly beautiful!

With both hands, holds William glasses before eyes. His first words: "This is weird."

Also of interest

But Look in his eyes, as he realizes every second, more and more, that he can recognize for first Time in his life colors thanks to a special Red-Green glasses from California.

EnChroma glasses

does The so-called EnChroma glasses tricked eye, filters out a part of red and green light and thus helps to distinguish two colors.By removing wavelengths, in which Red and green cones overlap, color impression of precision. Improved contrast is also significantly sharper Look to be possible. People with Green or Rotsehschwäche should be able to see all colors.

A copy will cost 350 to 450 euros.

William looks around, claps for joy hands, gradually, tears come to him. "So what, I've never seen," he says, sobbing, as he explores all excited its complete environment.

William: "The truth looks so... she looks real. It looks like 3D!“

want to see If you like emotional William reacts to its colorful environment, just click at top of Video!

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