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Treasury urges providers, auditors and bankers to snitch payments sopechosos of the Generalitat

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Treasury urges providers, auditors and bankers to snitch payments sopechosos of the Generalitat

The providers shall sign a declaration of responsibility that do not help secession

Threat to auditors and bankers who don't accept to collaborate with Treasury

The Government will close more than announced fence on financing of Generalitat. In Ministerial Order published Saturday in Gazette, Finance minister, Cristobal Montoro, urges all concerned with Generalitat to uncover illegal payments to his Department and to office of Prosecutor. Not only banks, but also to its employees, auditors and also suppliers in general.

measures announced after Council of Ministers last Friday, Montoro adds a seventh article which stipulates that "any natural or legal person that delivers goods or provides services" to Administration of Catalonia or any of its related entities or dependents, "you can attach to an invoice issued, a responsible declaration".

In it, provider should leave "evidence that such goods or services are not related to financing of illegal activities, or contrary to decisions of courts". And if provider is not safe, it is also called to expose his hesitation. "If one who delivers goods or provides services in doubt (...) you can report it, along with corresponding documentation to prove it to Ministry without prejudice to ir possible communication to office of public Prosecutor". Treasury expects to publish in brief in what terms must occur in such a "responsible declaration" of provider.

The tone is more a limitation with services already provided up to now by suppliers. "In case of being provided service or supply, date of publication of present Agreement, which could generate such doubt, will be communicated equally to Ministry and in his case, Prosecutor".

Montoro does not come to threaten suppliers with m to courts if y do not comply, but it does with audited accounts of Generalitat or those who process ir payments in banking entities. Not only respond to entity, but audited or employee of branch, according to sixth article of order. "In case of identifying of a payment order, transfer, or movement that had a relation with illegal activities, or contrary to decisions of courts, any natural or legal person that provides professional services of auditing or banking or financial services must bring it to knowledge of Prosecutor or, in his case, SEPBLAC to exercise its statutory powers, under penalty of liability that could be incurred".

The minister wants to know names of auditors, and banks, and gives you 48 hours from this Saturday to Auditor-General of Catalonia to "submit a signed list of contracts, wher public or private, auditing or rendering of banking or financial services subscribed to by government of Autonomous Community and by any of its entities attached to or dependent". According to order, Ministry shall inform natural and legal persons indicated by content of agreement. Also, financial sector supervisors shall publish this measure in ir respective web pages.

In ir statement of reasons, Government used as legal basis of Budgetary Stability Law that empowers it to intervene communities incumplidoras and warning of risk to Spanish economy that involves Generalitat not to comply with rules that allow " regular functioning of public institutions" and, in addition, he complains that "failure to comply with its adjustment plan".

In opinion of Government, "he is hurting in a serious way trust on financial situation of Catalonia", and it "could negatively impact image of stability of economic situation in whole of Spain", and influence risk premium, credit rating and access to financial markets. The agency Moody's warned after referendum that tension between two administrations was "negative" for solvency of government and of Kingdom of Spain in general.


Referendum. The first secretary of PSC, Miquel Iceta, and president of training Àngel Ros, reiterated his criticisms of Government by pretending that "illegality" of referendum falling on mayors. Reported that query has no "warranty of any kind," and stressed that will work for that catalans can vote "of truth, with warranties and all of law" because "re is hope, perspectives, and ideas that it is worth defending". The Catalan socialists celebrate this Sunday Feast of Rose, that you will be attending secretary general of PSOE, Pedro Sanchez.


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