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Trial against Herne-killer Marcel Heße: Jade's stepfather-shattering statement

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Trial against Herne-killer Marcel Heße: Jade's stepfather-shattering statement

Surprise in trial against double murderer of Herne! On Wednesday, Pascal R., stepfar of brutally killed Jaden († 9), said. He had found boy in night in basement of Marcel Heße (19).

Bochum/Herne – 6th negotiating meeting before Bochum District Court. The accused Marcel Heße killed in March neighboring young Jade n and his school buddy Christopher († 22) with over 50 knife stitches.

Pascal R. (36) was previously loaded in process as a witness, but n had to cancel because he was not psychically able to testify.

Surprisingly, stepfar of Jaden says today in double murder. @BILD_Ruhrgebiet @chefreporterNRW @BILD_News

— Michael Engelberg (@engelberg_ms) October 4, 2017

To judge's question, wher he knew who was sitting on dock, he said: "I don't know him."

► Then he described how he experienced night. "We came back from shopping. At 20.15 o'clock, Jenny (Jaden's mor Jeanette; d. Red) is crossed because little guy over re should help. "

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A little later, Jeanette R. Returned. "She told me that nobody opened door. I'll be over, I've rung. Nothing happened. Then we're in terrace. I'm in basement, staircase was lit. First left in, but re was nothing. On right was a wall with ladder. Then I saw his shoe. And n I saw little one lying re. "

  • No chance against killer Jaden (9) struggled desperately for his life

    Trial against Herne-killer: Jaden fought desperately, but he had no chance against Marcel Heße. That's what a legal practitioner said.

The stepfar continued: "I threw ladder aside. He was lying on his back. I have knees, torso easily accidents to me and tries to revive it. I pressed twice, noticed that re is more blood flowing when I press. "

Pascal and Jeanette R. An jades GrabFoto: Klaus Felder

Pascal R. broke rescue attempt. "I'll be upstairs myself. Jenny was lying on her knees when she heard what happened. Then parents of this strange thing came sometime. " Funny thing, that meant Marcel Heße. Pascal R. Called constant killer in court also "a single-Celler".

The killer's sister about her bror
  • Sister in court "Do you regret it?" Herne-killer: "No!"

    On Thursday, Sandy Heße, sister of Herne-killer Marcel, said in court in Bochum. She was talking about a visit to jail.

After almost 30 minutes his witness interrogation was finished. When Pascal R. Left hall, he blew vigorously through it several times. Then he said, "I don't care. For me, that is non-existent. "

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