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Trump, about immigrants from El Salvador and Haiti: Why do we get people from shitty countries?

The president made the comment after hearing a proposal to restore a migration protection program for Haiti, El Salvador and African countries

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Trump, about immigrants from El Salvador and Haiti: Why do we get people from shitty countries?

Donald Trump doesn't want people from shitty countries in America. This was expressed by president this Thursday during a meeting to renegotiate program that grants legal residency to immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries, according to sources quoted by Washington Post. On Monday, Republican withdrew se protections to 200,000 Salvadorans; In November he did it with 59,000 Haitians.

The Republican responded to proposal of some legislators to find an alternative to elimination of program, known as temporary protection status (TPS). Trump disproveded proposal saying that it would be better for United States to get people from countries like Norway. TPS is a program designed in 1990 to grant temporary visas and work permits to people from 10 countries affected by wars or natural disasters. Many of beneficiaries have been living in United States for decades. Many of his sons are Americans. If legislators do not find a legal solution that president wants to approve, se hundreds of thousands of immigrants should leave country if y find no or way to stay in U.S. legally.

The conversation took place in Oval Office, and according to sources quoted, attendants — Congressmen and senators — were stunned by president's derogatory remarks. The conversation took place in framework of negotiations on anor migratory program, DACA, which gives same protections to 800,000 immigrants who came to United States as minors, with ir parents. According to New York Times, when Trump heard that in proposal legislators wanted to reinstarurar protections for Haitians, president said: "Why do we want people from Haiti here?"

In a communiqué to Times, Raj Shah, a White House spokesman, did not deny Trump's comments and said, "While some Washington politicians choose to fight for or countries, President will always fight for American people. Like or countries have immigration systems based on a meritocratic system, President Trump wants to fight for permanent solutions that make our country stronger, receiving those who can contribute to our society. "

A recent analysis by NGO International Crisis Group maintains that El Salvador is unable to receive its 200,000 citizens living in United States. Haiti, stalked by crime and natural disasters are in a similar institutional fragility.

The president's remarks do not come unprecedented. "Everyone has ALDS," said Trump in June last year, also in Oval Office, about 15,000 Haitians who had arrived in U.S. since he took office. Over 40,000 Nigerians, Republican asked, "go back to your huts in Africa." Trump rose to power using a hard immigrant rhetoric that, beyond se comments, has resulted in an increase of 40% in deportations, promise of building a wall with sourn border and a migratory veto against Muslim countries and Refugees.

In 2017, president also withdrew TPS for 5,300 Nicaraguans and some 1,000 Sudanese, whose country still lives in a situation of instability. And he's considering doing same with 86,000 Hondurans. The administration's point of view is thousands of citizens from South Sudan, Yemen, Nepal, Somalia and Syria.


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