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Trump agrees to meet with North Korean leader

A South Korean envoy delivers the invitation to the US president at the White House

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Trump agrees to meet with North Korean leader

The most explosive scenario on planet has changed dramatically. Three months ago Kim Jong-UN and Donald Trump were insulted and threatened with nuclear holocaust; They're on ir way to sit at a negotiating table today. The President of United States has accepted "in place and time to be determined" unexpected invitation of North Korean leader to meet face to face. The petition was transferred to Trump this Thursday by a South Korean emissary who last Tuesday met in Pyongyang with Kim Jong-un. In message, Supreme Leader offers denuclearization of country and curbs nuclear and ballistic tests. There has never been a direct meeting between Presidents of both nations.

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  • North Korea is willing to give up atomic weapon if its regime is guaranteed

The announcement was made by South Korean envoy in White House itself. Trump heated intervention by pointing out that it was going to be "very important" although it did not give more specifications. When South Korean legacy spoke, it made United States tremble. It not only brought out invitation, but Trump had accepted it and that meeting was scheduled for May. "We are optimistic about this diplomatic process. The Republic of Korea, United States and our allies are united and we hope that mistakes of past will not be repeated. The pressure will continue as long as North Korea does not accompany its words with concrete actions, "said South Korean national security adviser Chung Eui-Yong.

"Kim Jong-Un spoke of denuclearization with South Korea, not just freezing. Also that re would be no evidence of ballistic evidence during that period. Great progress is being made, but sanctions will remain until an agreement is reached. The meeting is being planned, "tweeted Trump.

The materialization of a direct negotiation between United States and North Korea is a historic step. It represents a triumph for Trump, but also a demonstration of immense power of Beijing-Washington axis.

In its strategy to curb Pyongyang arms race, White House has brandished its military power and exhibited a preasperísima rhetoric. This has added a sanctioning escalation in which China's support, which absorbs 90% of North Korea's exports, has proved decisive.

Effect of this combined fence, which has deeply worn North Korean regime, has been search for an escape valve by Kim Jong-Un. Not only has he launched a direct dialogue with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, which will be held in April in demilitarized zone, but has now offered and achieved a face-to-face meeting with his American archenemy. And basket has added most sought-after Pearl: to renounce atomic weapon in exchange for survival of regime. Just what Washington is willing to accept, as long as denuclearization is permanent, and it satisfies Beijing, which keeps North Korea as glacis in front of its sourn neighbor and American troops.

The possibility that fructifere dialogue is complex. The historical background is lousy. The threats have been many and conversations with legacies of Bill Clinton and George Bush son ended in failures. That experience has made White House cautious, but it has not eliminated hope of a diplomatic resolution of conflict. To this y help two key factors: China fully supports dialogue, and Trump himself, without lowering pressure, is willing to this face-to-face. In this sense, beyond insults, bravado and demonstrations of force, Washington has always kept way of dialogue expeditiously.

Last December, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson even abandoned US demand that Pyongyang renounce nuclear arsenal and only called for a "lull" to sit down to negotiate. "It's not realistic to say y can only talk if y come to table ready to give up ir program. Have invested too much in it [...] We're willing to talk to North Korea any time you want. We are ready for a first meeting without prerequisites. Meet and let's talk about time if it's necessary or wher table should be round or square, and n start plotting a roadmap, "Tillerson said.

Tillerson's words were endorsed by Trump himself, who in a conversation with South Korean president was willing to dialogue with Pyongyang "in proper time and under right circumstances." The thawing led by Winter Olympics in South Korea, as well as Kim Jong-UN's turn, have ended up opening door. We just need both leaders to cross it.


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