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Trump blames the press to try to bridge the tension with May

The President of the United States claims to the British Prime Minister that his statements to the Sun are fake news

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Trump blames the press to try to bridge the tension with May

U.S. President Donald Trump has wanted to lower this Friday tension with British Prime Minister Theresa May at a joint press conference after ensuring that UK plan for Brexit "probably kill" possibility of an agreement Free trade with his country in an interview with daily Sun. The American leader has assured that he was subject of ' fake news ' of British newspaper and now says that Brexit who chooses UK "will be fine." It has also assured that " only thing important" is that two countries "can trade" after departure of United Kingdom of European Union

The American president's explosive statements, published hours before his bilateral meeting, redoubled pressure on British prime minister, and gave a new and unexpected blow to his strategy for EU's departure, agreed at end two years After referendum and published in detail on Thursday between reviews of various sectors. "If y approve an agreement like that, we would be dealing with European Union instead of with United Kingdom, and that can probably kill agreement," says American president, in an interview published coinciding with start of a work visit of four Days to United Kingdom, in most read newspaper in country, owned by tycoon Rupert Murdoch, one of American president's trusted men.

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The humiliation of prime Minister was not re. Donald Trump, in a typical example of his explosive diplomacy, praised former British foreign minister Boris Johnson — of conservative wing defending a hard Brexit — who unleashed a serious crisis of government with his resignation last Monday in protest precisely By May's Brexit plan. Trump says in interview that Johnson is "a very talented guy" and that he would be "a great Prime minister." "He has what it takes," president says.

"He obviously likes me and says very good things about me," says about wayward former minister, eternal rival of a weakened May by leadership of Conservative Party. "I was very sad to see that government was leaving and I hope it will come back sometime," president adds. Johnson has praised Trump in past, and he even said that Republican would do a good job negotiating Brexit.

Trump explains in interview that he would have handled UK's exit from EU "in a very different way." "In fact, I told Theresa May how to do it, but she did not agree, she did not hear me. He wanted to go anor way, "he says. "I'd say it was probably opposite way. And it's okay. You should negotiate in best way you know. But what's going on is very wrong. "

Trump Fulminating's intervention was strategy of Prime minister, who hoped to use her bilateral meeting today with US president to reinforce special relationship between two countries and silence protests of Conservatives ' hard wing On his plan for Brexit, winning Trump's support to his proposals. His remarks to Sun came to light during a gala dinner in honor of President, in London, where May spoke of "an unprecedented opportunity" for a trade agreement with United States. This afternoon, both leaders appear at a joint press conference following a bilateral meeting in checkbooks, Prime minister's country residence.

The interview, a poisoned gift from Trump to May, just day he is two years old at 10 Downing Street, is a hard blow to special relationship, that historic political, diplomatic, economic and cultural alliance between United Kingdom and USA, which has been one of Pillars of world Order of twentieth century and what goes from XXI. When May visited Trump in Washington in January 2017, Republican president likened his newfound relationship with Conservative prime minister to close friendship of his predecessors Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. "It will be my Maggie," Trump said on May, using first name of only or female prime minister who has had UK. But today, that comparison seems farr away from reality than ever.

The US president has humiliated his host, furr aggravating political crisis that corner. The possibility of signing an ambitious trade agreement with US, once United Kingdom is outside EU, is a scenario to which defenders of Brexit, who sell it as a palliative greedy to loss of access to common European market, are clinging. But Trump, in general with his protectionist policy, and in particular with warnings released in interview published on Friday, does not seem willing to make things easy to May.

The president also attacks in interview against Sadiq Khan, successor of Johnson in London mayor's office. Trump, who had already had a verbal showdown with mayor last year, after terrorist attacks in city, again criticized his way to manage terrorist threat and immigration. "Look at terrorism that is taking place. I think [Khan] has done a very bad job on terrorism. I think you've done a bad job in crime, if you look at it, all horrible things going on re, "Trump says. "I think allowing millions and millions of people to come to Europe is very, very sad. You have a mayor who has done a terrible job in London. You've done a terrible job, "he reiterated.

Trump criticizes Khan for having authorized a balloon that represents president in diapers to fly over British Parliament during protests that are following his footsteps in United Kingdom, and ensures that refore spend less time in capital on this trip. "I used to love London as a city. I haven't been re for a long time. But when y don't make you feel welcome, why would I stay re? "he explains.

The British authorities have deployed red carpet to greet Trump on his first official visit as president, hoping that a free trade agreement with United States, " closest ally but also dearest friend," will be reached, according to Theresa May.

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