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Trump closes with democrats an agreement in principle to re-protect 800,000 ‘dreamers’

The president achieved the support of the opposition on the matter of border security, but excluding the wall. Last week Trump withdrew coverage for legal immigrants and more young people

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Trump closes with democrats an agreement in principle to re-protect 800,000 ‘dreamers’

The president achieved support of opposition on matter of border security, but excluding wall. Last week Trump withdrew coverage for legal immigrants and more young people

Donald Trump gave last night a surprise hit. After a White House dinner with two leaders, parliamentarians and democrats, went over of his own party and closed an agreement in principle on immigration, one of subjects most volatile of its mandate. In pact announced by opposition, who only know broad outlines, president agrees to return to provide coverage legislative to so-called dreamers (dreamers), immigrants without papers who came to country as minors and that he ordered last week to remove legal protection. To change achieved by democrats ' support for increasing resources for border security, one of his obsessions, but not including thorny question of wall with Mexico.


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Trump came back to show that re are no limits for him. Last week he surprised country when he got thanks to democrats overcome blocking to limit of federal debt. This first agreement, that made it ridiculous to conservative leaders in Congress, showed him a way to maneuver in water parliamentary and avoid embarrassment suffered last July when he tried unsuccessfully to dismantle health care system put in place by Barack Obama.

The republicans have a majority in both Chambers. But ir inability to consensus, and especially its dispersion ideological hinder your vote as cohesive. Humiliated by ir repeated failures in Congress, Trump has open arms to democratic leader in Senate, Chuck Schumer, an old acquaintance from New York, and his counterpart in House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. With m you are guaranteed a sufficient majority to move forward with project.

“we Had a meeting very productive in White House with president. The discussion focused on DACA and consolidate quickly ir protections in law and in work package on border security, excluding wall and is acceptable to both parties,” noted democratic leaders in a statement to exit of dinner.

The agreement in principle does not cease to be a pirouette policy that, like almost everything in Trump, thrives on paradox. Last Tuesday, Trump touched one of lowest moments of his mandate when he decided to liquidate program that gave legal coverage to 800,000 dreamers. Although given an extension of six months for Congress found a solution, decision offered most ruthless of president. The same that she wore when pardoned exsheriff Joe Arpaio or saved offset to neo-nazi Charlottesville, va.

it Was a concession to his electorate ultra, but this time placed him in a dangerous area. In against were not only big companies and leading figures of his party, as president of House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, or senator John McCain. Also a majority of republican voters, as indicated by surveys, are in favour of regularizarles.

This broad support is not alien to social penetration of this group. Formed by immigrants must have entered U.S. with less than 16 years of age and live permanently in country since 2007, dreamers lack of background and be studying or have high school finished. In return he granted m a temporary permit that allowed m to work and drive, as well as access to social security and to have a credit card.

Deleted program that gave m this coverage, so-called DACA, it opened to m horizon of deportation. A hell for hundreds of thousands of young people-grown and educated in US and in many cases do not even know language of his native country.

Before crisis coming, Trump, after you pay he same program, has brought that spirit negotiator of much-boasted in campaign and has sought an agreement that will guarantee an increase of resources in persecution of undocumented immigrants. Instead he has granted you to pass a law that solidifies permanence of dreamers in US. Outside has been wall with Mexico, an anama to democrats. 


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