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Trump gives Israel his foreign policy in the Middle East

The embassy's relocation adds to the rupture of the pact with Iran and the burial of the two-state solution

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Trump gives Israel his foreign policy in the Middle East

The burial of solution of two states. The bombing of Syrian regime. The rupture of nuclear pact with Iran. The transfer of embassy to Jerusalem. With Donald Trump, unthinkable just two years ago has become reality. In a dizzying crescendo, President of United States has made it clear that his policy in Middle East goes through Israel. Not as a privileged or allied partner, but as a quasi-vicaria representation of its regional diplomacy. "Israel cannot have a better friend in world," Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proclaimed on Monday.

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The opening of United States Embassy in Jerusalem was an electoral promise of Trump. Although re were those who thought that he would only have life in a campaign, his materialization proves once again that President has proposed to give his constituents what he offered m, however outrageous. In this case, moreover, his political justification has proved easy for him.

The transfer was approved by Congress in 1995. The different presidents did not take him forward on grounds of national security. It was an exception included in law and that allowed Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr. and Barack Obama to defend capital of Jerusalem aloud while not moving a finger for it. With Trump's arrival in power, tornadoes changed.

"In 1995, Congress approved by overwhelming majority to relocate embassy re and since n all presidents have postponed decision for fear of affecting peace negotiations, but decades later we are not closer to agreement. This is a long-delayed step that will allow progress in process and work on achievement of pact, " president was justified last December. "Israel is a sovereign nation with right, like any or sovereign nation, to determine its own capital," he remached on Monday by Videomessage.

With move, White House has culminated a process that began to crystallize on Netanyahu's first official visit to Washington. In February 2017, when Trump had barely been in White House for a month, Israeli leader managed to get President of United States to leave Palestinians in open while departing from goal of creating two countries. "Both have to negotiate and come to compromises. I will accept what you agree, I can live with one or two states, "said Republican n.

This estrangement from a guiding principle of American diplomacy was a gift to harder Likud sector but also a warning of what would come next. In se months, American compass has always driven same point. With bomber in Syria and, above all, abandonment of nuclear pact with Iran, Washington has endorsed Netanyahu's claims and deepened demolition of Obama's legacy.

"It's No wonder Israeli prime minister tried to win United States. What is surprising is how malleable Trump is with or presidents. In a way, it has outsourced Israel's foreign policy in Middle East, "said analyst Daniel Levy, president of think tank US-Middle East project.

The American assumption of Israeli statements has a protagonist and, as you can see, a loser: Jared Kushner, 37 years old. The election of this Orthodox Jew to seek "definitive agreement" between Palestinians and Israelis was a high-risk gamble. Against, he played null political experience; In his favor, a strong relational nexus: Not only is he a son-in-law of president but friend from his childhood of Benjamin Netanyahu, closely related to his far, a New Jersey real estate tycoon and donor of settlement of settlers of Beit El, in West Bank.

The result has been introduction of an imbalance. Devoid of diplomatic distance, proximity to its two valets has ended up making its interests indiscernible. More than a negotiator, Kushner has acted as a bridge-man who communicates and Gratifies Trump and Netanyahu. And both, although nothing has progressed in resolution of conflict, have responded with great satisfaction. Kushner himself corroborated this Monday during inauguration of embassy. "We are with our friends and allies. And above all, we do right thing, "he said. Outside, blood darkened Gaza again.


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