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Trump launches paper rolls to the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

The President of the United States visits for five hours the island, ruined by Hurricane Maria

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Trump launches paper rolls to the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

Last 13 days of catastrophic impact of Hurricane Maria, Donald Trump visited this Tuesday Puerto Rico generating more controversy than relief. The President of United States – which took only two days to visit Texas after Hurricane Harvey and three to go to Florida after Irma – did not announce concrete support measures and focused on praise, extolling "incredible" efforts of his administration in Assistance to victims and in first steps of reconstruction of devastated infrastructures of Caribbean country. Poking his finger in face of a devastated people, Trump even reproached local government for huge financial debt it drags and said sobering: "I hate to tell you this, but we've spent a lot of money in Puerto Rico."

Trump arrived at a military base in capital, San Juan, at noon, made his statements with governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló, n carried out a helicopter overflight to observe disaster and finally visited a church in Guaynabo, a municipality Well-off, less affected than or places in San Juan environment, poor, crushed by hurricane and in a serious situation: without electricity and with serious lack of access to water and food. About five o'clock in afternoon, he went up to air Force One and turned to Washington, leaving a feeling of widespread humiliation among Boricuas – local inhabitants – for ir lack of touch by throwing in air neighbors of Guaynabo rolls of paper mimicking gesture of Basketball Nzamiento.

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Right re, Trump, who in US and Puerto Rico critical sectors responsible for not acting swiftly at island's humanitarian crisis, promised: "We will help m."

Almost two weeks after hurricane, island remains in a chaotic situation because of damage, shortage and logistical inefficiency of local and federal, civil and military authorities. Less than 7% of Puerto Ricans have electricity and only 22% of telecommunications towers work. Hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans barely have access to safe water and fuel is scarce – but considerably less than a week ago. Some 9,000 people are in shelters, but many more have lost ir homes. Most of m are in homes of family or friends.

"It comes well to see how we are, to realize that we need more help fast," said this afternoon in San Juan Jorge Luis Pelullera, 43 years, who lost his home. His wife, Mari Luz Serrano, 33 years old, is seven months pregnant and has a girl of a year. Anor victim of natural disaster, Coral Segarra, 31, whose house has been homeless, hoped that, contemplating tragedy, Trump won "mental amplitude and awareness that Puerto Rico really needs urgent economic assistance and health resources of Emergency. "

The island has a debt of 73 billion dollars and this year was declared bankrupt. That was Puerto Rico's situation before hurricane season. And arrival of Mary with its winds of 250 miles per hour and its torrential rains – largest hurricane hitting island since 1929 – has worsened everything to unsustainable levels, destroying 100% of electricity grid, leaving more than 50,000 families outdoors Living in precarious houses that have been destroyed, damaging road network, converting drinking water almost into a luxury product and paralyzing economic and industrial activity altoger; As if instead of having passed a cyclone, Puerto Rico would have been bombed.

Trump walking this Tuesday for Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. Ap

Governor Ricardo Rosselló has likened tragedy to Hurricane Katrina in new Orleans in 2005 and in every statement makes it possible to see Puerto Rico (3.4 million inhabitants) Unable to get up without help of America. The Washington-based National Hispanic Leadership Coalition estimates that island will need about $70 billion to remake catastrophe and calls for "a Marshall Plan for Puerto Rico" – alluding to reconstruction of Europe after second war World-wide. It is anticipated that this month U.S. Congress approves an emergency fund for island, but by president's Machacona references to Puerto Rican administration's debt, which had already mentioned on Twitter days ago, it is worth assuming that winds do not blow Favor of a historical rescue but of a limited aid.

Trump acknowledged in his visit that Puerto Rico has suffered a severe blow but at same time stood out as if it were a positive aspect that official figure of dead-which compared with more than 1,800 deaths of Katrina-is not so far so high for magnitude of Hur Achan. "What is your dead account?" asked Rosselló. "Sixteen," said governor. "You must be proud," concluded White House chief, who was accompanied on his visit by his wife, Melania Trump. At military base, she also saw Carmen Yulín, mayor of San Juan, with whom she held a controversy last weekend. Yulín had criticized what he considers a slow reaction from Washington to catastrophe of Puerto Rico and Trump responded on Twitter lamenting his "poor leadership" and saying that re are leaders on island who want to give m "all done."

The president, who forged his fortune in real estate sector, took opportunity to leave a construction council in a country, Puerto Rico, in which almost half population lives below poverty levels and in Infravivivendas: "The concrete holds, wood" , No. "


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