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Trump manages to expel Bannon from his shelter at the Ultra Breitbart portal

The exit comes after his statements against Trump's children in the controversial book ' Fire and Fury '

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Trump manages to expel Bannon from his shelter at the Ultra Breitbart portal

Donald Trump won pulse again. His former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, man who one day came to be considered grey eminence of Oval Office, has been expelled from his last refuge. The publishing company of Breitbart, ultra-right-wing portal that served as a watchtower and from which he supported Trump in campaign, has announced his departure. The departure arrives after White House, sulphurous for its statements against president in controversial book Fire and Fury, asked shareholders to Desembarazasen of him and that President himself, in a tweet, announced that his main economic support , Mercer family, had already decided to leave him alone. With this step, liquidation of who was Trump's most influential and scary advisor is completed.

Former officer of Navy, who became banker of Goldman Sachs, a Hollywood producer and media agitator of far right, Bannon, 64 years old, had emerged as champion of "deconstruction" of system. Defending strategy of permanent tension, his stated goal was to end conservative establishment in Washington and return United States to "patriotic path." The wall with Mexico, exit of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), attacks on China and Germany by trade deficit, as well as permanent search for workers ' white vote and demonization of press were some of ir AP Best known Uestas.

Ideologically attached to billionaire, his fate began to decay in White House. Contact with reality showed him vulnerable. His campaign screeds were no longer welcome by more rigorous cabinet members. In April he was expelled from National Security Council and in August he lost Trump's confidence and had to leave his post. It was a sweet-looking exit. The president dismissed him with good words and he sought rekindling in his old news portal.

As president of this xenophobic platform, he attempted to lead an "insurrection" against conservative establishment and its Senate leader, Mitch McConnell. But as he tried to regroup to far right, he was facing Trump. As president approached Republican apparatus in search of support for his legislative projects, he moved away. First re were sparks, n clashes and rupture finally came with publication of book Fire and Fury, whose author Bannon had facilitated entry into White House.

The work, which offers a devastating portrait of Trump, reflected contempt of strategist to president and open criticism of his children, especially Junior for his meeting with Kremlin emissaries. The presidential reaction was fulminant. Trump claimed that Bannon "had lost his head" and his praetorian guard pressured owners of Breitbart. In spite of public apologies of Bannon, in a few days Oval Office achieved its purpose. The exit was presented yesterday in a statement as "an orderly transition". Few believed it.


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