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Trump meets Greek Prime Minister Çakpras

Greek Prime Minister Aleksis Cipras, who interviewed US President Donald Trump and the White House 39;d, said that Turkey and 39 supported NATO membership and the European Union (EU) accession process.

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Trump meets Greek Prime Minister Çakpras

US President Donald Trump and Greek Prime Minister Aleksis Cipras held a joint press conference after ir talks in White House. Donald Trump, whose relationship with Greece is very old and emphasizes contribution of Greek culture to Western civilization, said y will continue ir close ties with this country. Modernization of Greek F-16's, F-16 fighter planes that Greece uses will be modernised for 2.4 billion dollars, President Trump said this agreement would benefit both American economy and economic To help increase depth. Greek Prime Minister Cipras also made assessments on course of Turkey-Greece relations, as well as US-Greece relations. " We respect Turkey as a regional force "in context of Aegean Sea with Turkey, sometimes voicing problems," said Çıpras, "We support Turkey's European path. We respect Turkey as a regional force. We believe that Turkey should remain connected to European perspective, cooperation with West and NATO, "he commented. Aleksis Cipras stressed that Turkey believes it should remain within NATO and maintain its European line. Referring to Cyprus issue, he said, "We hope to reach a fair and viable solution to Cyprus on basis of United Nations Security Council (BMGK)." Greek prime Minister Cipras, who said Greece is one of most important tourism destinations in Mediterranean, also gave information on energy cooperation between sourn Cyprus and Israel and Egypt.


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