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Trump opens the door to inviting Kim to America and normalize relations with North Korea

Washington claims to have verbally received the North Korean dictator's commitment in favor of denuclearization

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Trump opens the door to inviting Kim to America and normalize relations with North Korea

US President Donald Trump argued on Thursday for a "normalization" of diplomatic relationship with North Korea, now non-existent, if a pact on Asian country's nuclear program is reached in its meeting with North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Un, next Tuesday in Singapore. If meeting leads to an agreement, Trump bet on inviting Kim to America. He also advanced that an agreement to formalize end of Korean War could be signed.

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"The answer is yes, if summit is going well," Trump said, if he would invite Kim to United States at a press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in White House. The president also advanced that he would like to establish diplomatic relations with North Korea "when all is completed", in reference to negotiations on atomic dismantling of Pyongyang. Both claims would seem utopian a few months ago when Trump and Kim insulted each or and threatened militarily. However, everything seems possible now just a few days from Singapore's historic and risky appointment.

The United States does not maintain formal diplomatic relations with North Korea and Sweden acts as an intermediary. Yet, in recent weeks, both countries have held a number of high-level meetings to prepare for meeting between ir presidents. Since birth of North Korea, in 1948, re has never been a meeting between its top leader and that of United States. The confrontation also explains that a peace treaty was never signed, only one armistice in 1953, after end of Korean War, in which United States supported south against Soviet north.

Trump pointed out that, even if a peace agreement was to be sealed on Tuesday, it would only be a "start", rar symbolic, to negotiate denuclearization of North Korea. The key lies in wher America will only accept a complete dismantling of atomic program and how it would be verified. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo explained after Kim has personally expressed his "disposition" to a complete and irreversible denuclearization.

Trump insisted that, in event of a pact, Washington would economically aid Pyongyang, and hermetic regime would be rehabilitated in international arena. But it also marked limits. He ruled out immediately to remove US sanctions and reiterated that he could get up at any time at negotiating table.

In any case, Trump is confident. "I don't think I'll have to prepare much. It is about attitude, disposition to achieve things, " President bragged. He seems to be blindly relying on what he calls his negotiating instinct. It minimizes that all previous talks between US and North Korea failed miserably after Pyongyang's word was disobeyed.

The president denied that he only looked for a photograph with North Korean leader to try to project a diplomatic success for an unpopular politician in his country and much of world. It is something, for example, that might try to explode in November legislative elections when Republicans are playing hold control of Congress and protect Trump from a hypotical destitution process.

That's fear of Abe, who asked "not to repeat mistakes of past." For example, Tokyo prescribes that, in its quest to reach an agreement that eliminates threat that North Korea will attack America, Trump will allow Kim to maintain short-range ballistic missiles that could reach Japan, such as those that overflew one of its islands last year. Or agree to reduce US military contingent in South Korea so that Japan, allergic to war adventures, becomes first line of defense against a possible threat from North Korea.

Since Trump announced unexpectedly in March his desire to meet Kim, Tokyo's biggest goal has been not to stay outside preparation of appointment. In 16-month Republican presidency, Abe has spoken 30 times with Trump and eight have gared in person, previous one in April. A record. Both are praised and boast of ir close personal relationship, which includes golf games toger. But, for now, that has translated into a few tangible achievements for Abe.

At press conference after meeting in Oval Office, Trump promised to pressure Kim on case of Japanese citizens who were kidnapped by North Korea in past. Also maintain a "close communication" with Japan and praised ir "help" for meeting. For his part, Abe praised Trump's "leadership" for agreeing to speak with Kim and suggested that Japan might also try to meet with North Korean regime, reestablish relations and provide him with financial aid.

Commercial tension

The apparent personal tune between Donald Trump and Shinzo Abe has not prevented US from imposing on Japan, as in Europe or Mexico, tariffs on steel and aluminum. Tokyo has said that it will coordinate with European Union its retaliation against United States. The understanding has also not stopped Trump from claiming a free trade agreement with Tokyo despite Abe's desire to reinforce multilateral treaties, for example with return of US to TPP, pact with 11 countries of Pacific from which Trump came out. The Republican advocated this Thursday for "improving" business relationship with Japan to be guided by "justice and reciprocity." "We'll do a lot more business with Japan," he said.


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