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Trump orders to release 3,600 secret reports on the assassination of John F. Kennedy

The documents, kept in the National Archives, collect investigations of the CIA and the FBI on the assassination

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Trump orders to release 3,600 secret reports on the assassination of John F. Kennedy

Those bullets never stopped whistling. Since Friday, November 22, 1963, thirty-fifth President of United States, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, story has not stopped trying to close one of most turbulent chapters of twentieth century American. A commitment that has never been achieved and that now, 54 years later, is going to face anor litmus test with Donald Trump's decision to make public 3,600 reports that still remained secret.

The countdown was underway. The 1992 law that kept papers hidden expired on 26th of October. To make m public or to extend ir confidentiality depended directly on president. Although it was speculated that it would be denied by pressure of CIA, it has finally opted to allow this material to see light.

Saved in National Archives, documents are ready for departure. For months a team of experts with special authorization has been preparing m. There are millions of pages, mostly from CIA and FBI, that if ir full diffusion is allowed y will deepen reconstruction of assassination that made world tremble. But y also feed conspiracy ories that from very first moment have tarnished this case.

Among papers that will arouse most interest are reports on enigmatic voyage of murderer Lee Harvey Oswald to Mexico before assassination. In a strange pirouette, this old and unbalanced Marine crossed South border on September 26, 1963. Their goal was to get a visa with final destination to Soviet Union. He attended Cuban and Russian embassies in Mexico City, where he showed his affinity for Communist cause. The mistrust that woke up in civil servants and ir inability to have a normal dialogue, according to reports of time, grounded ir claims. On October 3, he returned to United States. But ir entry into diplomatic legations of enemy powers did not pass unnoticed by American intelligence services. And it was allegedly recorded in reports that y will now see light.

Lee Harwey Oswald.

Or documents will be exposed by name and surname to official sources, politicians and even foreign espionage agencies that in ir day lent aid in exchange for anonymity. This point, as specialist Philip Shenon has recalled, may restrict dissemination of some reports or reduce its publication to a censored form. Trump himself in his Twitter ad leaves door open to certain restrictions.

Those who over years have managed archives ensure that y do not contain bombs, but that y can help to complete a picture that still offers many chiaroscuro. The person responsible for this file, Martha W. Murphy, has indicated that its main virtue lies in vision that y shed on cold war and modes of operation of official agencies of time.

Whatever burden y bring with m, few doubt that y will re-open discussion about assassination and its dark areas. An independent commission, led by President of Supreme Court, Earl Warren, established in his day that everything was Oswald's work and that re was no conspiracy whatsoever. This conclusion has been put into doubt for decades.

Subject to receipt of furr information, I will be allowing, as President, long blocked and classified JFK files to be opened.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 21, 2017

In face of official ory of lone assassin, all sorts of hyposes have flourished in which power, mafia and Titanic forces liberated by cold War were shaken. Explanations as fragmentary as seductive, from whose amalgam was born in 1991 film JFK, by Oliver Stone, which involved Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson and a cohort of factual powers.

It was precisely at mercy of this film, when Congress, through a review committee, released thousands of documents until n secrets and left ors for future. It is se who will now be accessible and feed fire controversy. That enigmatic bonfire that almost 54 years later is still on.


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