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Trump presumes to have ripped Europeans an increase in military spending

Nato survives a summit dominated by the American president's tone outs

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Trump presumes to have ripped Europeans an increase in military spending

Two days of American turmoil at NATO summit crystallized on Thursday in following message: "I am very happy. We've accomplished a lot. Everyone has pledged to raise ir commitments. They're going to raise m to levels y've never thought of. " President Donald Trump presumed to have ripped Europeans a commitment to substantially elevate military spending. In fact, 29 allied countries merely reaffirmed goal of reaching 2% of GDP in 2024. Trump earned him to judge "unnecessary" away from NATO.

The formula to appease Trump, who came to summit allied with improper manners of a ruler, was found by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. The 28 U.S. partners have increased ir military spending by 40 billion dollars (about 34 billion euros) in last year, he said, trying to convince him that distribution of burdens, though unequal, goes balancing.

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Why in last year?, Trump asked. "Thanks to his leadership," Stoltenberg answered. The tenant of White House already had what he wanted: a triumph to show to public opinion of his country, against failure that would have reaped his predecessors and, in particular, Barack Obama.

The day could not have started worse: when everyone thought that defense spending debate had been settled day before, Trump interrupted morning meeting that 29 leaders held with ir counterparts in Ukraine and Georgia and went out Completely from script.

After German chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron had intervened on relations with two former Soviet republics, which share presence of Prorrusas rebel provinces in ir territories, American tycoon used his turn to put on table only issue that seems to be of interest to NATO: why United States spends billions on defending Europe and this is paid with a huge trade deficit.

Trump challenged directly to Chancellor, who was headed little diplomatically like "you, Angela," and also mentioned or countries that do not meet 2% target, such as France, Spain, and Belgium. They demanded that y reach that percentage in January of next year, something materially impossible, to raise up to 4% of GDP.

Annexation of Crimea

When Stoltenberg found that debate was slipping down a dangerous slope, he opted to ask Ukrainian and Georgians to leave room and re-debate burden-sharing behind closed doors.

The discussion was channeled, with conciliatory interventions such as that of Spanish President Pedro Sanchez, and Trump ended up approaching Merkel to kiss her. The last start was announcement that Trump was going to give a press conference, which was not planned and whose message was unknown, before summit concluded.

The American president mixed excessive praise with veiled threats. He made a career of Atlanticist faith — "I Believe in Nato" — but he suggested that he could take his country out of alliance without Congress voting. Neverless, he added: "It will not be necessary."

After considering "truly incredible" leaders ' meeting, he added that "NATO is a machine set up in which people pay more than ever." He said that allies will increase military spending "more and faster" than anticipated, and insisted that, after 2% of GDP, "4% is correct figure." The percentage does not appear in conclusions of summit.

On eve of meeting that he will keep on Monday with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, in Helsinki, avoided ruling on CRIMEA's membership of Ukraine, arguing that annexation of peninsula is a matter of past whose responsibility attributed to Obama. "I wouldn't have allowed it," settled.

To justify abrupt change in morning session, Stoltenberg argued that spending debate had not exhausted day before and claimed that NATO had grown stronger after presidents heard "loud and clear" Trump. "This open discussion, and Trump's so clear message, are having an impact," he justified. The American had previously ufanado "given an extension of contract" to Stoltenberg.

The best armament in world

Trump was jumping from one dispute to anor in long half hour that appeared before press in Brussels. His particular vision of relationship between Europe and United States dominated conference. And as if he still represented business interests, he launched himself into a burning defense of military industry in his country. "The United States long manufactures best military equipment in world. Ours are much better than rest, "he emphasized.

The phrase sounded like a claim for countries to know where to spend those additional defense items demanded by Washington. Trump has shown that this is one of his great interests in reproaching EU for creating a defence fund to promote European industry. The United States accuses Brussels of protectionist and requests that its companies also be able to attend those projects financed by Community money. Something that doesn't happen conversely.

Faith of Errors

In an earlier version, this information mentioned a leaders dinner on Thursday night, when it was Wednesday.

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