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Trump rectifies and prepares an order to prevent the separation of immigrant children and families without papers

"We want to keep families together. It's very important. I'm going to sign something soon about immigration that's going to do that, "confirms the president after the surge of protests and the pressure of the Republicans themselves

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Trump rectifies and prepares an order to prevent the separation of immigrant children and families without papers

The wave of protests, inside and outside United States, for separation of undocumented migrant children and families has forced Donald Trump to backtrack on this policy. The White House is preparing an executive order that puts an end to a practice that has caused stupor among Republicans mselves, provoked pope's condemnation, reproach of United Nations, and rejection of or governments, such as that of United Kingdom. Trump has electorally exploited antiimmigration discourse successfully and without contemplation until now, but blow to childhood has finally broken a seam.

"We want to keep families toger. It's very important. I'll sign something soon about immigration that's going to do that, "Trump confirmed this morning asked about issue, after both Fox network and news agency Associated Press Front load that government was working on some decree to avoid Separation of minors and ir families irregular migrants at border. To be confirmed, it would be a full-fledged rectification of President of United States, who always takes hold of his negotiating hardness and had taken drama of children without papers as a currency to achieve tougher immigration legislation.

The US has begun to segregate families that are attempting to enter illegally this spring, after a change of judgment by Prosecutor for which any undocumented immigrant is considered a criminal and is prosecuted as such, Even if you don't have a criminal record, that's why kids can't stay with m and y're separated.

The crisis erupted in public opinion in recent days, when it became public that within just six weeks administration had separated almost 2,000 children, sometimes babies, from ir parents or adult relatives. Trump has been justified that measure meant nothing more than law enforcement and that it was legislators ' responsibility to change it with a new regulation. But this practice does not respond to any legislation, in fact it was not carried out in past of this form by Nteriroes president, but to change to criterion of "zero tolerance" of prosecutor's office announced in April.

Trump spoke this morning to give a "preventative" measure to avoid displacements that ultimately become legislation. Since years 90, several court rulings have established that no child can remain in a detention facility for more than 20 days. With new policy of separation of minors, this limit no longer affected ir parents. It is not clear yet that measures will contain new executive order that Trump speaks to avoid situation, if it will reverse dioctrica of "zero tolerance" or alter deadlines.

It is not usual to see a rectification of Donald Trump as evident as this Wednesday. They have taken pictures of rows of children separated by fences and recordings of ir cries called to ir parents so that man of hard hand has gone backwards. "The dilemma is that if you are weak your country is going to be overwhelmed with people, if you are strong, n has no heart. Perhaps I like to be strong, "he mused to reporters.

This time, however, pressure has been with New York tycoon. On Tuesday, GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell announced that all 51 Republican senators support a bill to "hold toger" undocumented immigrant families after being detained for crossing border illegally. On Monday, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein, called this Monday "child abuse".


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