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Trump rectifies and signs an order to curb the separation of migrant children and families without papers

"We want to keep families together. It's very important. I'm going to sign something soon about immigration that's going to do that, "confirms the president after the surge of protests and the pressure of the Republicans themselves

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Trump rectifies and signs an order to curb the separation of migrant children and families without papers

The wave of protests, inside and outside United States, for separation of undocumented migrant children and families has forced Donald Trump to backtrack on this policy. The president signed on Wednesday an executive order to put an end to a practice that has caused stupor among Republicans mselves, provoked pope's condemnation, reproach of United Nations and rejection of or governments, like that of United Kingdom. Trump has electorally exploited antiimmigration discourse successfully and without contemplation until now, but blow to childhood has finally broken a seam.

"We want to keep families toger. It's very important, "Trump confirmed this morning, who admitted that " vision "of se separates did not like. It is an explicit rectification of President of United States, who always takes hold of his negotiating hardness and had taken drama of undocumented children as a currency to achieve a tougher immigration legislation. Still, it maintains iron arm because order seeks to accelerate trials and eliminate deadlines that limit detention of minors. The approximately 2,300 children already separated, in addition, will not regroup with ir families immediately as y resolve ir criminal processes.

The United States has begun to segregate families who are trying to enter illegally since April after a change in prosecution's discretion. Under a new doctrine of "zero tolerance", every undocumented immigrant is considered a criminal and is prosecuted as such, even if he has no criminal record, so children cannot stay with m and are separated. The crisis erupted in public opinion in recent days, when it became public that within just six weeks, between 19 April and 6 June, administration had separated some 2,000 children, sometimes babies, from ir parents or adult relatives.

The repulse to this situation was growing and generalizándose to achieve something as unlikely as Donald Trump, tycoon who boasts to negotiate hard and win any pulse, has turned back and decided to keep families toger, but follow Criminal charges for any undocumented. They have taken pictures of rows of children between tents and recordings of ir cries going around world. "The dilemma is that if you are weak your country is going to be overwhelmed with people, if you are strong, n you have no heart. Perhaps I'd rar be strong, "he mused to reporters.

Longer detention time and less waiting for trial

"Zero tolerance", in fact, is maintained. A 1997 court ruling-later ratified by or judgments-known as Flores agreement established that no child can stay in a detention facility for more than 20 days even if he or she is with his or her parents. With new policy of separation of minors, this limit no longer affected ir parents. The newly signed executive order urges Attorney-General to request reversal of that agreement and that deadline, raises acceleration of judicial processes for families and urges Department of Defense to provide facilities to house families.

The government has in custody 11,351 minor immigrants in a hundred centers, according to latest data. Democrat Barack Obama also applied doctrine of zero tolerance at border when faced with waves of irregular immigration, but made exceptions with adults who were accompanied by children and also with those who committed ir first violation . And his predecessor, Republican George W. Bush, also accelerated trials and generalized open positions against undocumented, but kept families united in a generalized way.

These days Trump has been justifying that measure meant nothing more than law enforcement and that it was legislators ' responsibility to change it with a new regulation. But this practice does not respond to any legislation and fact that this Wednesday announces an executive order to stop it proves it. What's more, I wouldn't even need that order if we rethink practice of zero tolerance. The executive order will be in place until re is new immigration legislation addressing problem, but immigration debate has been blocked in Congress for months without any consensus on reform.

"We will have wall"

Trump has been pressuring legislators to achieve immigration reform that will harden controls, curb also legal entries and allocate a budget of 25 billion dollars for wall he wants to build on border with Mexico. There is no agreement with Democrats or with many of Republicans mselves for legislation and President has tried to force an agreement, first threatening permanence of Dreamers or dreamers (young people who entered without papers as children and have grown up in EE Something that paralyzed a court, and now blaming legislators for family separation. This afternoon, in signing executive order, it was resounding: "We will have wall."

The trauma of children has made this time of judge. On Tuesday evening Trump participated in a meeting with Republican congressmen urging him to insist on his doctrine. That night, at a Mexican restaurant in Washington DC, Kirjsten Nielsen, Trump's Homeland Security secretary and his main spokesman and defender in this conflict, was boo-ed. In morning, Pope Francis had also criticized him in an interview with Reuters. "It is not easy, but populism is not solution," he said in support of position of United States Episcopal Conference, which has described se measures as "immoral" and "contrary to Catholic values." The British Prime minister, Theresa May, also branded "mistake."

And so a string of criticism that was added to those of three former American, Republican, and democratic ladies, multi-Republican legislators, and United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein, described "Child abuse" separation.

Trump arrived at White House Aupado, among or messages, by a strong speech antiimmigration- irregular but also legal-charged sometimes of a xenophobic language. Its policy coincides with a wave of nationalism that also shakes Europe and has already crystallized in governments such as Hungary or Italy. In United States, conflict has also erupted at a time of irregular immigration recovery, yet far from Barack Obama faced in 2014. Some of images of children in rooms separated by bars, as if y were large cages, correspond to that year.

Less pressure for Congress


Donald Trump's decision to end, by decree, with breakdown of immigrant families, makes, for now, unnecessary strategy of Congress Republicans to act on that issue. The president spent days falsely blaming Democrats for forcing him by law to separate parents and children after crossing border illegally when in fact he responds to a unilateral decision by his Government, not legislation. Trump urged Congress to end breakup and Republicans picked up glove on Tuesday by announcing proposals in that direction. However, Democrats suggested that y would support us, which made it impossible for m to approve in Senate, remembering that Trump could end up on his own with controversial directive.

Senate Conservative leader Mitch McConnell announced that all 51 Republican senators support a bill to "hold toger" families of undocumented. And this Wednesday President of House of Representatives, Republican Paul Ryan, announced vote on Thursday of two initiatives on immigration that would address separation of parents and children but along with or changes, as restrictions on legal migration, Construction of a border wall or possible avenues for legal residence of dreamers, immigrants who came from children to United States.


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