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Trump releases 2,800 secret reports about Kennedy, but leaves the most sensitive core hidden

The White House attends the CIA's request and postpones the exit in the light of the most compromising documents with the national security

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Trump releases 2,800 secret reports about Kennedy, but leaves the most sensitive core hidden

The United States was anxiously awaiting release of all Confidential reports. The 1992 law that protected m expired this Thursday and president himself had announced that his publication would be allowed. But it was known that CIA was pushing to limit its exit and censor m where it saw its interests in jeopardy. Finally, he achieved his goal.

"I have ordered veto to be lifted on documents, but given warnings of intelligence officers, I have no choice but to accept certain conditions rar than to cause irreversible damage to security of nation," Trump said.

The filtering, albeit provisional, Restrains universal access to a file intended to shake country's collective memory. President Kennedy's assassination on 22 November 1963 opened a wound that has never been closed. The assassination was officially attributed to Lee Harvey Oswald, an unbalanced exmarine who came to live and get married in Soviet Union. But dimension of crime and almost immediate death of its author at hands of mafia Jack Ruby have paid all kinds of conspiracy ories.

Although 318,000 documents related to case have been released over years (11% censored), re has always been a doubt about CIA's performance. In midst of cold War, agency had been implicated until marrow in operations of external destabilization. Cuba and Latin American Marxist movements were one of ir main objectives. Large sectors of CIA, radicalized and overturned in dark conspiracies, hated Kennedy for what y considered a relaxation of siege to Cuba after failed attempt to invade Pigs Bay and missile Crisis.

The way to act on intelligence services of time is precisely one of points on which documents are expected to shed light. And not just for ir power games. The specialists consider that CIA and FBI knew a lot more about Oswald than y said to Warren Commission, in charge of investigating murder.

Communist, deserter and choleric, Oswald was subjected to intense monitoring by security services. Even his mysterious trip to Mexico, two months before assassination, was detected by U.S. spies. "Agencies had more data than y said;" If y had acted according to ir information, y could have avoided worst, "says Phil Shenon, author of JFK. Open case.

Lee Harvey Oswald.

This omission, which for decades has persecuted CIA and FBI, is one of strong dishes of this last batch of documents. Many are waiting for internal reviews that were submitted and also to reveal intensity of follow-up to Oswald, especially his strange Mexican journey, where he unsuccessfully went to embassies of Cuba and USSR in search of visa.

But more than new clues about Oswald, which shows a first approximation to roles is what everyone knew: America had in Latin America its backyard. Made and undone. He was killing, intoxicating and spying for pleasure. A game of power held and, in many cases aberrant, that did not serve to prevent death of its thirtieth president.

In reports released yesterday by National Archives coexist, at first sight, a lot of information junk, out memorials, justifications of expenses and disparate reports along with already known plots of external operations against leaders who were Uncomfortable. Poison to kill Fidel Castro, clandestine flights to Cuba, shipments of weapons destined to liquidate Leonidas Trujillo, spies in Cuban Embassy of Mexico, black money in Costa Rica, collaborators of CIA in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala ... A manual of espionage practiced by United States in middle Cold war and promises to give in coming days new surprises.


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