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Trump: Rent collector negotiates nuclear warheads

Trump assumes a negotiation as a poker game; He believes that denigrating the adversary is part of the game and usually takes hostages

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Trump: Rent collector negotiates nuclear warheads

Donald Trump, builder son Builder, began working for his far in Sixties going to collect delinquent rents in New York neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens with an unwritten law: when he knocked on door, he had to lay aside, so that If house was shot, only his hand was at risk.

When it comes to dissecting Trump negotiator, it is necessary to remember that current President of United States (new York, 1946) was not forged as leader in an elite school of public administration, like that which illuminates rulers in France, or in Senate of Washington, from where American leaders climb, but he did it as a rent collector in poor neighborhoods. And when it sets fire to a summit like that of G7 last weekend in Canada, it addresses future of undocumented young migrants or denuclearization of North Korea, one who speaks continues to be that Manhattan builder and star of programs of Reality.

Many of his tricks are collected in his The Art of Deal ("The Art of Negotiation"), a mix of biography and business manual that he published in 1987 and that reveal hardness as main instrument. "Sometimes, part of reaching an agreement is to denigrate your competitors," says Donald Trump in a passage. "I aim high and n I keep pushing and pushing and pushing to achieve what I pursue," says now president of United States in anor.

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It does not cost to recognize some of se lessons in what has been his career in White House, how he can insult in public Canadian Prime Minister while negotiating a trade agreement and even when referring to leader of North Korea , Kim Jong-Un, who at United Nations Assembly last September called "Rocket Man" and referred to as "fat" and "low." The North Korean regime, installed in language of nuclear threat, encountered last summer with a leader in United States without squeamishness with war language and which threatened him with "total destruction". In public. Because show is always part of ir negotiation.

Anor of his formulas is to capture hostages. The Republican is determined to raise a wall on border with Mexico and get neighboring country to pay, but, as long as Mexican government does not agree to it, legislators must pass a public budget to build it. To subdue Democrats, who reject him in chambers, he decided to end program that protected deportation of undocumented immigrants who came to United States as children ( Dreamers, or dreamers), when he had previously said no Would expel, in exchange for making funds for wall. Something like this did with European Union last March: it approved a series of tariffs on steel and aluminum and n left m on hold to open a trade negotiation. By failing to make any progress, on 1 June, aforementioned levies were activated.

Consider any negotiation as a game of cards. The Chinese president, Xi Jinping, called him "poker player," precisely in middle of a play in which American seemed to win his hand. On May 22, Trump warned that summit was in danger and aimed at a second meeting that North Korean leader held in Peking with Xi on 7 and 8 May. "Xi is a world-class poker player. Maybe nothing happened. I don't blame anyone. But re was a different attitude from North Korean friends after that second meeting. " Five days later, The New Yorker announced it was canceling appointment. A few days ago, he reactivated it. He probably won his hand. The denuclearization of North Korea would be its greatest victory with poker, but gambler of opposite hardly knows anything.


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