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Trump's U.S. media ' nuclear weapons ' critique!

US President Donald Trump said that it is disgusting that some media outlets can write what they want by generating false news. USA...

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Trump's U.S. media ' nuclear weapons ' critique!
"Nuclear weapons" criticism from Trump to US media! AA World News Introduction Date: 11.10.2017 23:42 date of renovation: 11.10.2017 23:44 US President Donald Trump said that some media outlets are able to write "false news" to produce what y want to be "disgusting".

US President Donald Trump, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in White House, press members answered questions about agenda.

"At a meeting at Pentagon, United States should have 10 times more nuclear weapons than today," President Trump said in a report on American NBC channel that allegations did not reflect truth.

"I never discussed increase in number of nuclear weapons, as stated in NBC's lie story. We just talked about (se guns) should be in best condition. We have a lot of nuclear weapons right now, and I want m to be in good shape, that's all we've been discussing. Honestly, it's disgusting that media can write anything you want, "he said.

Voicing no need to increase number of nuclear weapons in United States, Trump, US Defence minister James Mattis, said that alleged allegations of NBC's claim to contradict issue.

Lying from Mattis

On or hand, Minister Mattis criticised media outlets, which revealed claim by making a written statement about issue.

"The president's recent news on request to increase U.S. nuclear weapons capacity is completely unfounded. It's irresponsible to make such news. "

At a meeting in Pentagon in July, NBC Channel claimed that US president Trump "said country should increase number of nuclear weapons by 10 times," Trump also made a statement from his Twitter account, denying alleged claim, NBC channel He implied his license could be questioned.

North Korea "Separation"

Trump also explained in his remarks in White House about tension in North Korea.

Trump, who criticised US secretary of State Rex Tillerson without naming, has expressed "some disagreements in North Korea".

"We have very good relations with him, but re is a slight difference in approach to North Korea," Trump said.

The North Korean "dispute" between President Trump and Tillerson has previously been reflected in media, and during visit of Tillerson's Chinese, Trump said, "You're wasting your time on North Korea."


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