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Trump seeks Mexico to pay for the wall through NAFTA

The president is sympathetic in saying that "he understands that there are many things that are difficult to negotiate before an election"

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Trump seeks Mexico to pay for the wall through NAFTA

US President Donald Trump tries to calm tension of last few hours on revision of world's largest free trade agreement: one that unites first world power with Mexico and Canada since 1994. He now admits that upcoming presidential elections in his sourn neighbor make it harder for Mexico to negotiate and refore declares himself willing to be "a little more flexible." But, for first time, it tries to establish a link between signing of a new trade agreement and financing of controversial wall advertised to four winds during election campaign that culminated with his arrival at White House.

Since he was a candidate, Trump has repeated as a mantra that Mexico must cope with costs of raising new barrier on sourn border. It now opens possibility that it will be financed "indirectly through NAFTA". "We're going to get a good deal," he predicts in an interview with wall Street Journal, "and I'm going to take a small part of that money and go to wall." "Guess what. Mexico pays, "he insists.

The interview with financial Daily is published one day after dollar and peso suffered a great volatility, following information that indicated that possibility of a withdrawal of United States of agreement was increasing. Donald Trump reiterates threat that he will deviate from FTA if negotiation does not allow a fair agreement to be reached. Steven Mnuchin, his treasury secretary, said y also hope to achieve it.

The president is sympatic to Mexico, saying that he "understands that re are many things that are difficult to negotiate before an election." In this sense, he adds that he is "leaving a little bit of flexibility" until y are held in ballot box on July 1. What it does not need is wher it is willing to postpone signing of agreement. So far he said he wanted to have him on his table for March.

The sixth round of negotiations is held at end of month in Montreal. Trump insists that his goal is to seek a "good deal" for U.S. economy and employment, which also benefits his two trading partners. "Mexico may not want to reach agreement on NAFTA. It is ok. Then I'll finish it, "he pointed out. Canada, for its part, has just denounced U.S. trade retaliation.


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