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Trump sows discord by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

America's president breaks with decades of American foreign policy. The White House tries to dampen the Palestinian reaction and points out that the embassy's move will take years

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Trump sows discord by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

The wind of anger again threatens Middle East. In such a symbolic and devastating gesture, US President Donald Trump has today recognized millennial Jerusalem as capital of Israel and ordained a plan to move his embassy re. Although move will take years and may never materialize, high-sounding proclamation breaks with decades of American foreign policy and opens a bleak cycle for agonizing Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. "It is heart of world's most successful democracies, a place where Jews, Muslims and Christians can live according to ir beliefs," he said from White House.

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Trump has turned his back on world. Except for Russia, which has already accepted capital of Jerusalem, Europe, China, great Muslim powers, and even pope has warned of volcano that is about to erupt. "I strongly call for everyone to respect city's status quo, in accordance with relevant UN resolutions," said Francisco. "This is an untold historical dimension that threatens entire region," said CIA director John Brennan (2013-2017).

In face of looming storm, Trump has taken refuge in that it is mere "recognition of a historical reality", in acceptance of a fact consolidated both by past and by present. "Israel is a sovereign nation and Jerusalem is seat of its government, Parliament and Supreme Court." "We are accepting obvious," said president. "For years, we have kept ambiguity to facilitate peace process, but it is clear that physical location of embassy is not a matter of agreement and in any case nothing changes in our policy in area," a White House spokesman has been detailed.

Few experts believe it. Recognition reaches core of Palestinian-Israeli relations. Jerusalem is not just a city or a capital. It's a symbol. A place broken by history, quartered by centuries of struggles and occupations to form a puzzle that no one has managed to solve. Claimed by Israelis and Palestinians, international community had sidesteppeded dilemma by building its embassies in Tel Aviv and giving this millenary land a more characteristic statute of limbo than a developed nation.

Trump's decision ends with this distance and he touches live flesh. Of a hand imposes a new balance of forces. The Israeli board wins a token and Palestinians retreat. To cushion reaction, America has insisted that displacement of Tel Aviv Embassy to Jerusalem will require years. He has alleged all kinds of security, bureaucratic and constructive reasons, he has even resigned postponement required by Congress to maintain current legation, but all this has not been able to conceal that in this play re has been a winner: Israel and its hawks in The White House. Among m, President himself.

The declaration of Jerusalem is an electoral promise of Republican. He could not carry it out in May, when he met deadline for previous extension, but this time he has not missed occasion. Although move will take and perhaps, like so many things in Middle East, never come true, it has used to show itself to its electoral financiers and ir voters, especially Jews and evangelists, as man who keeps his word. Before his own, he has reasserted his own politically unfettered and almost marginal, capable of breaking taboos of past and plotting a structure of international relations faithful exclusively to what he considers interests of United States. The consequences, as has already happened with exit of pact against climate change, do not matter too much. "They can try to limit what damage wants, but y won't be able to because Jerusalem is too hot," said former special envoy to negotiations Martin S. Indyk.

For Palestinians, message is devastating. With a impoverished peace process, Washington has made deaf ears to great European and Muslim powers, and has once again pointed out its remoteness from historical commitments. The interpretation is clear. In this new period, everything is mutable and not even solution of two states is safe. "One or two, I will accept what you agree," said president on February visit to Washington of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

But putting Palestinians on wall, if only in symbolic terrain, is still a risky gamble. A strategy that in Middle East, where problems are measured for centuries and not for years, can fail. Or worse, reactivate spiral of violence. The Eternal flame.


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