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Trump targets Russia and China as rivals that threaten US prosperity

New national security strategy eliminates climate change as danger

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Trump targets Russia and China as rivals that threaten US prosperity

China and Russia are two "revisionist" powers for United States that seek to erode American prosperity and create a world in antipodes of American values. That is backbone of security strategy presented on Monday by Donald Trump, a document that eliminates climate change as a threat, recovers language of Cold War rivalry and plasma The doctrine of America first with usual dose of Contradiction of Trumpism. Washington points to Moscow and Beijing as enemies, despite attempts at proximity that new American president has shown with his leaders since he arrived at White House.

The safety roadmap has reached 11 months after Trump era, a result of what White House says has been a broad debate between officials and advisers. The world that draws is one in which race between superpowers returns to foreground after a few years of something like a truce or, worse, an oversight. "After being dismissed as a phenomenon of past century, competition between great Powers has returned," document says. And in that struggle, China and Russia are rivals to sell: "They are determined to make economies less free and less fair, to grow ir armies, control information and repress ir societies to expand ir influence," he adds.

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References to or powers, especially China, as "strategic partners," who used to use Democratic presidents like Barack Obama or Bill Clinton now give way to nickname of "competitor," a change of prism that will appeal to Hawks y saw in globalism of Obama an excess of generosity or naivety.

The strategy that has just been known this Monday is more like speech of Trump candidate, which bellowed against advantages that rules of commercial play were supposed for China, to detriment of United States, that President who has tried to be condoned with Beijing to get more pressure on North Korean regime. "We know we need China, to continue working with m on problem of North Korea. It's not mutually exclusive. We are working toger to cooperate at same time that we recognize that re is also competition, "a Trump administration official said in an informative conference prior to presentation of plan.

There is also contrast between what this security document says and words that US president has dedicated to Vladimir Putin. Trump has come to question American intelligence services, which secure Kremlin's interference in presidential election, and has repeatedly praised Russian leader. This sympathy, in fact, has caused desonciertoen those more traditional Republicans who continue to see Russia as ir old enemy of Cold war, especially when re is an ongoing investigation into wher Trump's campaign collaborated with Moscow on that ploy to To harm candidacy of Democrat Hillary Clinton and to favour arrival to presidency of New Yorker entrepreneur.


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