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Trump was content: "In Charlottesville, the c'it was the right but also bad people left"

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Trump was content: "In Charlottesville, the c'it was the right but also bad people left"
NEW YORK. Donald Trump was content: and back to reiterate that sins of violence a month ago in Charlottesville, Virginia, during march of suprematisti white, have been on both sides. L’extreme right, of course. But – è back to ensure President - even in ranks of left that was protesting against c’were “bad dudes”, ugly people. And patience, if that day, c’è also killed.It is not; enough, refore, President Trump condemnation bipartisan in both house and Senate that only two days ago had voted all’unanimityà a resolution in which it condemned severely racist groups, taking clearly distances from its spoken words of all’in aftermath of facts of Charlottesville. And even l’meeting, which took place yesterday with l’only republican african-american with a seat in Senate, Tim Scott, of South Carolina. That he had tried to explain difference between suprematisti white with ir membership in Ku Klux Klan and neo-nazi movements and organizations protesting against m. «For centuries, black people have been beaten, murdered, raped by people», she tried to explain, senator. «In history of nation have a very precise role: y are bad».A history lesson that has not had any effect on The Donald: that 24 hours after that’s meeting has confirmed to journalists that asked him how he went to his beliefs. For him, that 12 August is also among those protesting against march dell’s pride white “United Right”, united right, c’were bad people. And this, precisely, despite fact that day one of suprematisti present at march of white was launched with a’s drive on those protesting against march of whites, killing one girl and injuring 19 people. Già n, positions of Trump had baffled country, leading to resignation in mass of Ceos of più great american industries that were part of Board for l’industry.


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