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Trump will invite Kim to the White House

The two leaders sign a statement after a summit that, according to Kim, will bring a huge change to the world.

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Trump will invite Kim to the White House

Kim Jong-UN in White House. A world that "will see a tremendous change." Such portents are those promised by North Korean leader and US President Donald Trump in signing a joint statement at end of his historic summit in Singapore. The statement, which will be released before Trump offers a press conference in next few hours, is "very extensive" and contains "a lot of goodwill," American president argued. "We will meet again, many times." Kim, White House tenant said after signing, "he's a very talented man, I've also realized he loves his country a lot." Asked if I would invite him to White House, Trump replied that "Absolutely, I will."

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The North Korean leader was more sober in way he expressed it, but he was also generous in expressing achievements of summit: "We are going to sign a historic agreement. The world is going to see a tremendous change... I thank President Trump for making this meeting possible. "

"The world is going to be very impressed... Let's solve a very dangerous problem for world, "continued Trump. "Everything has gone better than anyone could think of. Judging by media coverage, better than anyone imagined. " They both returned, n, to stage ir first handshake. This time, perhaps because re was more confidence, American president tried his particular gesture, clash of hands with grabbed. He couldn't move Kim.

The day at Capella Hotel, on island of Sentosa in Singapore, began precisely with a historic handshake, first between an American president and a North Korean leader. A 12-second squeeze in which both were strictly ciñeron to script and choreography. The drowned exclamations were audible when y both came before cameras, each with its characteristic attire: suit of red jacket and tie for Trump, black Mao-style suit and diplomatic stripe for Kim. Walking in unison, at same pace, to meet from opposite ends at very center of podium, before a background of Korean and American flags.

Trump looked into eyes of leader he called "Rocket Man" in his day. It is not known wher, like George W. Bush to Vladimir Putin, he saw soul. I had assured that in first minute I would know if conversation would go well.

He must have liked what he saw. They both walked toger, in a relaxed way, into room where y were going to meet in private. "I feel great," said Trump at beginning of his conversation. "We will have a great dialogue and I believe, a tremendous success, will be tremendously successful and it is my honor; We will have a magnificent relationship, I have no doubt. "

For his part, Kim, who after a few moments of nerves had recovered fortitude, replied that " old prejudices and practices acted as shackles that prevented us from moving, but we have surpassed and here we are today." "I attest that this meeting is a good prelude to peace," he added. "Indeed," replied White House tenant.

There was no symbolism, nor complicity, that dominated inter-Korean summit of April between Kim and South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, when both jumped border line held by hand. But excitement was present in environment. The feeling was of cautious optimism. or living a movie. Something like that was confessed by ecstatic North Korean translator to Trump, as y walked towards meeting: "People are going to think this is a sci-fi film," he said, according to White House journalists ' pool.

After 45 minutes of solo meeting, meeting between delegations began to discuss North Korea's nuclear disarmament. "It went very, very well," Trump commented on first contact of two leaders. "It is a great honor to be toger, and I know that in end, toger we will have successes and solve big problem, great dilemma that so far has not been resolved. I know that collaborating will take care of it. It's a great honor. "

Kim did not answer press question about wher he is willing to dispose of his nuclear armament. He did assure, in a solemn tone and with words apparently very weighed in advance, that at this stage, which, according to timetable, will last an hour and a half, shall be negotiated on "important matters".

Among participants in this segment of Summit were, by United States, national security adviser, John Bolton; Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and White House chief of Staff John Kelly. Alongside Korean leader were his sister, Kim Yo-jong, his trusted man, Kim Yong-chol, chief of staff Kim Chang-son, and head of delegation who met in Panmunjom with U.S. representatives, Choe son-hui.

Bolton, who in May had caused North Korea's wrath by comparing solution for this country's nuclear program with that of Libya, sat — intentionally? — on one of corners, as far as possible from Kim Jong-un.

Work Lunch

After se conversations at an almost centenary teak table, specially provided for occasion by National Gallery of Singapore, a work lunch was started which will incorporate more representatives of respective teams.

The lunch menu combined eclectic Asian dishes with classic American cuisine: prawn cocktail and avocado salad are added to stuffed Korean cucumber; Bittersweet pork and Yangzhou fried rice with sautéed cod with soy sauce and Asian vegetables; Vanilla ice cream and chocolate tartlet, which is Trump's favorite dessert.

At four o'clock in afternoon, local time (ten o'clock in morning in peninsular Spain), and with summit concluded, American president will offer a press conference at Capella Hotel to report results.

Delegations had been talking until almost last minute to agree on agenda of Summit. The United States had considerably reduced tone of its demands: if a few months ago it demanded that North Korea disarm in a "complete, verifiable and irreversible" manner as a prerequisite before giving any kind of step, it has now recognized that It will require a more or less long process to come to that. He does insist, as he pointed out on Monday, Pompeo, that final goal remains same. And that economic sanctions will continue in meantime.

North Korea calls for security assurances. The United States is open to this, as Pompeo pointed out, "different" guarantees that Washington has been able to offer in past and that, in his view, will convince Pyongyang that "nuclear disarmament will benefit m."

The meeting is surrounded by extreme security by land, sea and air: In addition to hundreds of uniformed police officers in place, airspace is also monitored by drones. Two warships from Singapore and several patrol control busy waters around island of Sentosa.


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