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Trump will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel despite the protests

Pressure from the EU and the Muslim countries to curb the US president's Proisraeli turn

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Trump will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel despite the protests

Donald Trump has given his hand to discord. In a gesture aimed at unleashing anger in Middle East, President of United States will today recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel and announce a plan to move his embassy re, a move that for "logistical, security and constructive motives" It will take years. The warnings of European Union and French President, Emmanuel Macron, and pleas and threats of Muslim countries have been of no avail. President Trump, far from any consensus, has again demonstrated that he is only loyal to his interests.

Jerusalem is an open wound. A maze from which no one has found way out. 70 years ago, Palestine partition agreement temporarily placed city under international administration. But soon western part was occupied by Israel and after six-Day War, in June 1967, also Oriental one. Just one that Palestinians consider ir capital.

In this nest, Trump has played with fire. Knowing that all embassies are located in Tel Aviv, he has let his intention to recognise capital of Jerusalem be filtered and he has even alerted American legations of possibility of protest. Keeping quiet, as it did with its withdrawal from pact against climate change, has allowed stage tension to rise to fullest. The result has been that Middle East and Europe have multiplied pressures to abandon idea, while he, with all gun focuses, sat atop barrel of gunpowder to meditate. It's his way of doing politics.

The official decision, which will be communicated today in a speech, has already been moved by Trump to Palestinian leader Mahmud Abas and Jordanian King Abdullah II in a round of telephone diplomacy. His intention is to recognize "historical reality" of Jerusalem and to move as soon as possible embassy. This change of venue was already agreed by Congress in 1995, but for "national security" has been postponed since n by all presidents. The White House argues that movement, although desired, is now impossible for logistical matters. "There's no way to do it quickly." Only for permits and security can take years, said a spokesman.

In any case, recognition of Jerusalem, with its enormous symbolic burden, implies entering hostile territory. Not only does it end with an international consensus maintained for decades by US, but it ruins, at least in short term, attempts of son-in-law and presidential advisor, Jared Kushner, to forge an agreement in Middle East and bring Israel closer to countries of majority Sunni like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or Jordan to create an Antiiranian shield.

In counterpart, Trump reaffirms his proisraeli faith, that such good electoral returns provided him, and, as he did in February, he launches notice to Palestinians that past does not bind him and that his goal is to open a new cycle where not even solution of two states and s necessary.


It is a radical turn and of high destabilizing capacity. A new gale that has been greeted with dismay in an area ravaged by decades of blood and fire. The Hamas Islamist movement, which controls Gaza Strip, has already threatened a new Intifada, and PLO described measure as "Kiss of Death" for peace. In Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan brought forth his intention to retaliate. "They could go as far as breaking our diplomatic relations with Israel." "It's a red line for Muslim orb," he sentenced.

Less bellicose, although with same doses of indignation, Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) was expressed, which brings toger Muslim countries. In a statement, he warned United States that transfer would mean recognizing this city as capital of Israeli state and ignoring military occupation of East Jerusalem, Palestinian territory. "It would be blatant aggression, not only against Arab and Islamic community, but also against rights of Muslims and Christians alike, and against national rights of Palestinians," he riveted.

On European side, French president, Emmanuel Macron, tried unsuccessfully to stop Trump in a telephone conversation reminding him that " question of Jerusalem should be addressed within framework of Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, aspiring "Creation of two states that live toger in peace with Jerusalem as capital." Nor was head of European diplomacy more successful, Federica Mogherini, who called for "avoiding any action that would undermine two States between Israel and Palestine." Neir Muslims nor Europeans were heard. The White House, again, he to international community.


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