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Two Argentines in a square

The deputies ' Yes sank the few anti-abortionists in front of the Congress. The two Argentines will meet again in a few weeks, before the final vote of the Senate

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Two Argentines in a square

Green and blue. Young women in Group and ladies accompanied by husbands. Secularism and religion. Two Argentines in a single square. During 23-hour session in Chamber of Deputies on legalization of abortion, Congress Square was divided into two: on one side, supporters of bill, of or who oppose. The numerical difference of first was so superior that at dusk y also occupied center of square, which was going to remain empty as neutral territory.

Some teenagers n climbed to fence that was separating m from anti-abortionists and two worlds were face to face. "Legal abortion in hospital", y sang from above young girls. "Yes to life, not to abortion," y answered from below.

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Gender, age and place of origin were very different. The green tide was made up of students from high schools, colleges, women workers, lesbians and transexuals who approached re alone or in groups of friends. They were so excited that many spent night in on-site sailing, tucked away with blankets and sleeping bags. Almost all of m were from Buenos Aires and ir metropolitan area, mostly from middle class.

On or side of bars, heterosexual families dominated. Marriages alone or with children involved in Argentine flags, Catholic college students, nuns and priests. The average age was higher and its origin more diverse. In afternoon re were residents of capital, urban and interior of country, but at dawn only a hundred people were standing on foot to travel from west to attend this historic day. "We are a group of St. Louis, 800 miles from here. We thought we would see more locals, we are a little disappointed, "lamented Eduardo Morales, 57 years old and far of seven children.

The fences on celestial side were decorated with signs of "Save Two Lives", "Yes to life" and drawings made by schoolchildren. In several re were fetuses asking ir mors not to assassinated and give m a chance. "Do not kill me", could be read also on tapes that some looked in fronts and mouths. Religious images and improvised altars with photographs of babies were repeated at various points in concentration, in which collective prayers abounded.

The partisans of legalization turned ir anger against ecclesiastical pressure in banners and chants. "Out his rosaries from our ovaries", "upon our body neir church nor state decides." "They say y want to save both lives those who cover up priests for pedophilia," teenagers chanted.

The contrast exploded with vote. The yes of deputies sank to scarce anti-abortionists, who listened to rumble of joy or side of square. The two Argentines split ir paths, but will meet again in a few weeks, before final vote of Senate.


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