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Two women denounce the islamologist Tariq Ramadan for rape

The accusations are known after the salutary that has provoked in France the scandal Weinstein

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Two women denounce the islamologist Tariq Ramadan for rape

Something seems to have changed in France after scandal Weinstein. The wave of actresses who have accused of sexual abuse of once all-powerful American producer, including several French, has opened door to allegations of cases of sexual harassment in this country that have put in sights of some famous people. The last one is islamologist Tariq Ramadan, to which two women have formally accused of having raped m. The Paris prosecution has already opened a preliminary investigation. This Sunday, women are called to go out into streets in several cities of France to visible a problem so far only unveiled in all its magnitude in social networks with labels like International one MeToo or French Balancetonporc (denounces with Your pig).

The second complaint against Swiss islamologist of Egyptian origin, grandson of founder of Muslim Brorhood, was deposited by lawyer Eric Moraine before prosecutor of Paris on Thursday, only six days after writer Henda Ayari, an old Salafist Reconverted into a feminist and secular militant, he made first formal accusation against Ramadan, professor of contemporary Islamic studies at Oxford University.

Shortly after denunciation of Ayari, which has led to opening of a preliminary investigation for rape, sexual assault, violence and death threats, according to AFP, Ramadan, who made a formal denial through his lawyer, presented in turn a lawsuit for "Denunciation libelous" against Ayari. However, since second formal complaint has been known, Ramadan has not been pronounced again.

According to newspapers Le Monde and Le Parisien, who claim to have had access to testimony of second victim, story of this is "detailed and overwhelming" and reveals a "great brutality". The events date back to October 2009 in a hotel in Lyon, where Ramadan had attended a conference. The woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, is a 45-year-old Muslim, according to Le Monde, who maintained a correspondence with Ramadan, 55, since December 2008. The hotel was ir first face-to-face encounter and took place first in bar.

Always according to complainant, Ramadan proposed to him to go up to his room arguing that people recognized him and kept looking at m. There, within a few minutes, Islamologist began attacking her violently. "He kicked my crutches ( woman has a physical disability) and threw herself at me," said whistleblower. What follows is a story of blows in various parts of his body and a Ramadan that, always according to woman, would have forced him to perform fellatio and also sodomized by force. "I screamed in pain and told him to stop," said victim. But " more I shouted, more I hit (...)" He dragged me from hair all over room to take me to bath, to urinate on me, ' continues testimony presented before prosecution and which, according to two diaries, is accompanied by medical certificates of time. His lawyer is trying to persuade five or women to file complaints about sexual abuses that would also have been allegedly submitted by Ramadan, notes Le Monde, which ensures that re have been suspicions and even accusations for years — Although so far not in face of justice — of sexual abuse of islamologist against various women.

Allegations of women victims of sexual harassment have multiplied since Weinstein scandal erupted. In addition to widely using international label MeToo, a French journalist created a gala version, Balancetonporc which has also had a lot of echo. Several French ministers, who are preparing a law that would penalize sexual harassment on street, have supported initiative.

Anor journalist, Carol Galand, is behind demonstration convened this Sunday in a dozen cities all over France under title "Me Too, in real life." The goal, according to its organizer, is "to leave social networks to street to show those who are not on Facebook that we are thousands and thousands who must live, endure, digest and manage se experiences often traumatizing."


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