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UN calls for 360 million for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

Dhaka warns that the situation is untenable and requires Myanmar to change its stance

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UN calls for 360 million for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

The United Nations called on Monday to international community solidarity with Rohingya refugees. At a conference held in Geneva, UN alerted situation of more than half a million refugees from this Muslim ethnic group who, since 25 August, have been coming to Bangladesh fleeing persecution and violence unleashed against m in Myanmar ( (Ntigua Burma) by authorities of country. In Bangladesh re are already almost a million Rohingya, according to authorities, who describe as "untenable" situation. The meeting organized by three UN organizations, European Union and Government of Kuwait, has set goal of raising a total of 434 million dollars (about 367 million euros) from here until February 2018. They've already promised about 100.

"This is biggest exodus from a single country since Rwandan genocide in 1994," said Shameem Ahsan, Bangladesh's ambassador to UN, who criticized Myanmar's stance on conflict. The United Nations has defined Rohingya crisis as a "first-level emergency" and calls for humanitarian aid to be only one capable of providing food, water, health care and covering or basic needs in fields and in host communities .

In " refugee crisis that grows more rapidly around world," says UN communiqué, y arrive daily Rohingya immigrants who have been left with nothing to refugee camps of Bangladesh, crowded with people and in many cases lack services Basics such as drinking water or medical care. Marixie Mercado, UNICEF spokesperson, also indicated that almost 60% of 582,000 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh in recent weeks are minor. "These children urgently need food, drinking water, sanitation, and vaccines to protect m from diseases that emerge in emergencies," said UNICEF Executive director. "Many have witnessed in Burma atrocities that no child should ever see," he added.

Since onset of crisis, UNICEF provides daily clean water to nearly 40,000 people in did refugee camp in's Bazar (Bangladesh) and has installed thousands of latrines for children. But as arrivals do not stop, needs increase. Mercado warned that, if it does not receive more funds, UN agency may have to cease operations at end of November.

See Photogallery Manzur Ali shows one of his drawings in a space created by UNICEF and CODEC for refugee children Rohingya in Bangladesh. In this picture he represents a military helicopter attacking his neighbors. ALLISON JOYCE Getty Images Getty Images

The UN considers persecution of Rohingya as an ethnic cleansing, and accuses Myanmar of causing largest displacement of refugees in Asia in many decades. That country, it must "guarantee right to return in a safe, voluntary and dignified way so that Rohingya can live in peace and respect ir human rights in Rakhine [western state of Rakhine known today as Arakan]", claimed in Geneva Mark Lowcock, head of UN operations.


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