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UN human rights experts condemn the violence in Arakan

UN experts have warned that attacks against the Arabanese Muslims may be covered by crimes against humanity. United Nations...

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UN human rights experts condemn the violence in Arakan
UN human rights experts condemn violence in Arakan AA World News Entry Date: 4.10.2017 13:31 UN experts warned that attacks on Arakanese Muslims may be covered by "crimes against humanity".

Human rights experts operating within United Nations (UN) warned that in Arakan Province of Myanmar, military and fanatical Buddhists ' attacks on Muslims could be covered by "crimes against humanity".

Human rights experts who are affiliated with UN Committee for Prevention of any discrimination against women (CEDAW) and Child Rights Committee (CRC) denounced violence in Arakan with a common written statement.

Experts called on Myanmar authorities to "immediately terminate violence in region" and "initiate an investigation into responsibility of attacks against women and children".

We are concerned about fate of women and children who are subjected to human rights violations, such as murder, rape and forced displacement, statement said, as part of such violations crimes against humanity. may be specified.

The statement emphasized that human rights violations were deeply concerned with order of military and or security forces.

UN experts stressed that Myanmar Government must fulfil its international obligations and grant full access to human rights experts who will visit region.

Thousands of Muslims have lost ir lives since August 25th, when Myanmar army attacked civilians in Arakan on grounds of combating armed militants. The number of civilians who died due to no access to area was not allowed to be fully identified.

In recent attacks, more than 200 villages, armies and fanatical Buddhists were destroyed.

In Myanmar, 84 percent of approximately 2 million Arakanese Muslims who have been exposed to ethnic cleansing since 1970s, have sought refuge in surrounding countries.


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