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United Kingdom agrees to pay up to 45 billion euros for leaving the EU

British Prime Minister, Theresa May, survives but relinquishes her red lines on the Brexit

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United Kingdom agrees to pay up to 45 billion euros for leaving the EU

"This is a war to see who blinks first, and we have cut our eyelids," warned Sun a source of DUP, Unionists Norirlandeses and parliamentary allies of Theresa May, who torpedoed agreement on Brexit on Monday. In end, after four days of negotiations and a night of frantic telephone diplomacy, blink British Prime minister.

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He had released his afternoon schedule in anticipation of travelling to Brussels at any time. Televisions were on ir way to Kings Cross station to get on train and cross puddle at minimum notice. Late in afternoon, Downing Street explained that Theresa May had spoken on phone with Leo Varadkar, Irish prime Minister, and Jean-Claude Juncker, president of European Commission, but that negotiations would continue at night. At edge of five o'clock in morning, London time, it was confirmed that prime Minister and David Davis, head of Brexit, flew to Brussels. After seven in morning, local time, chief of Cabinet of Juncker Tuiteaba a photo of a white smoke. Habemus agreement.

In essence, May achieves what it wanted: green light to advance that guarantees, for time being, its own political survival. But agreement involves a reality bath. It exposes contradictions of vision of Brexit that was sold to electorate and erases almost all red lines drawn by May in 17 months since referendum. In addition, United Kingdom has agreed to pay between 40,000 and 45 billion euros for leaving EU, a bill that a spokesman for Downing Street has confirmed.

The DUP — although it points out that "re are issues that still need to be resolved" — gains guarantees that re will be no regulatory barriers between Norrn Ireland and rest of country. Arlene Foster, leader of Union party, pointed out that new text contains "substantial changes" as regards Irish border, one of three issues covered by agreement reached this morning on terms of divorce, which team European negotiator believes that it contains enough progress for leaders of twenty-seven to agree to move on to second phase of negotiations at next week's summit. "There is no barrier in Irish Sea and yes a clear confirmation that United Kingdom as a whole leaves EU," said Foster.

The meticulous drafting of 15 points of Agreement concerning Ireland and Norrn Ireland contains abundant substance. In particular, it highlights a concession contained in point 49. "In absence of agreed solutions, United Kingdom will maintain a complete alignment with rules of internal market and customs union." That means that, if you do not remember anything else, United Kingdom will not be a member of single market, n it will not be able to participate in preparation of its rules, but it should be submitted to m. In or words, default position becomes a soft Brexit, and not a vacuum jump. Something that will sound good to most pro-european ears, who believe that se words keep alive struggle for permanence in single market and customs union.

There are or red lines drawn by May that are discreetly blurred along joint. It is case of promise to free itself from jurisdiction of European Court of Justice, an absolute red line for most fervent supporters of Brexit. The decisions of Court of Strasbourg will not only apply in transitional period of two years that London hopes to agree, as Donald Tusk, President of European Council, has recalled. Its resolutions will be used to interpret agreement on rights of European citizens living in United Kingdom and British courts may refer cases arising to Strasbourg for an eight-year period from final agreement. "The European Court of Justice will be competent for European citizens," said Juncker.

The hard sector of Brexit thus swallows, to a large extent, with substantial payments to EU for decades; With a transitional period entirely under terms of EU; With a certain continued jurisdiction of European Court of Justice and with a horizon of alignment, by default, with rules of customs Union. And yet, government's most prominent Eurosceptics, speaking on behalf of Conservative Party's hard-line wing, have given ir blessing to agreement. "It is a significant personal achievement for prime minister," said environmental owner, Michael Gove. "Congratulations to Prime Minister for her determination to get agreement today," tweeted Boris Johnson, head of Foreign Office.

Congratulations to PM for her determination in getting's deal. We now aim to forge a deep and special partnership with our European friends and allies while remaining true to referendum result-taking back control of our laws, money and borders for whole of UK.

— Boris Johnson (@BorisJohnson) December 8, 2017

More poison contained congratulations to Prime Minister of Nigel Farage, former leader of populist and anti-european party UKIP: "An agreement in Brussels is good news for Mrs May as we can now move towards next level of humiliation."


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