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United States: House of Representatives vote to restrict abortion

President Donald Trump supports the initiative that would punish doctors practicing abortions beyond 20 weeks of pregnancy. She has little chance of succeeding.

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United States: House of Representatives vote to restrict abortion
The House of Representatives of United States, with a Republican majority, adopted on Tuesday 3 October a proposal for a law that would punish doctors practicing abortions beyond 20th week of pregnancy. Almost all of Republicans (234 vs. 2) voted in favour of text, while almost all Democrats voted against, except three.

But measure is not a priority for Senate, High Chamber of Congress, where its future is uncertain. President Donald Trump however supports initiative and would enact law, if it was a day passed by Congress, announced White House.

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Parliamentarians want to punish doctors, up to five years in prison, and not women who would do an abortion, and who would not be held criminally worried. Cases of rape, incest, or when life of woman is threatened, would be subject of an exception.

A bill considered unconstitutional

The Republicans believe, citing scientific work contested by pro-abortion associations, that fetuses are able to feel pain from 20th week after fertilization. "We can't pretext ignorance," said Republican speaker of House, Paul Ryan. "Their pain is no longer invisible to us." As a society, we cannot, in conscience, pretend. "By restricting women's access to safe and legal abortions, Republicans deprive millions of women of ir fundamental right to make decisions that are appropriate to m and ir families," protested general manager of party Democrat, Jess O'Connell.

According to Gallup Institute in May 2017, 29% of Americans are in favour of right to abortion in all circumstances and 50% under certain circumstances, while 18% wished to prohibit it absolutely.

The right to abortion in all United States dates from 1973, by a decision of Supreme Court which set as a limit "viability" of fetus, not a specific number of weeks, referring instead to medical consensus of 24 to 28 weeks. The Democrats are pounding that Republican bill is refore unconstitutional.


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