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US Embassy: No inconvenience to employee arrest

The Embassy of Ankara, USA and #39, made a statement about the arrest of an employee. US embassy ' said, &quo; we're uncomfortable with the employee's arrest &quo;

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US Embassy: No inconvenience to employee arrest

Breaking News! 17-25 December 2013 before fetus suspected police directors and fugitive former prosecutor Zekeriya Öz liaison with United States Consulate General of Istanbul, M. T, was arrested in dominant.

The US embassy in Ankara said:

The American government, a local employee of US Consulate General of Istanbul, was arrested on October 4th and leaked by Turkish Government's sources, and it appears that employee was prosecuted in media instead of a law-based court It is a great inconvenience for its intended purpose. We believe that se allegations are completely unbasic. The United States will continue to work with Turkish Government to ensure that American government employees and American citizens in Turkey are subjected to legal process in accordance with Turkish Constitution and international laws.

For decades, efforts by local employees of both countries to increase co-operation between Turkey and United States have improved security of both countries, strengned business opportunities, and our citizens ' closer to each or. The fundamental and uncertain claims for our employees undermine our long-term partnership and reduce value of this partnership.

" Contact Zekeriya Öz" , prosecution of Istanbul Republic Chief Prosecutor's Office on basis of investigation carried out, former prosecutor Zekeriya Öz and former police director of fugitive who was expelled from profession before 17-25 December 2013 In contact with United States Consulate General of Istanbul, M. T, ' ' attempted to abolish constitutional order ' ', ' ' espionage ' ' and ' ' attempted to abolish government of Turkey ' ' was arrested for crimes.


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