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US to Saudi Arabia to pay for Rakka's bill

US President Donald Trump's Special Representative for the fight against Deaş Brett McGurk and the Gulf affairs Minister of Saudi Arabia, Themir el Sabhan, went to Rakka, a hand-changing partnership with the US terrorist organization PKK/PYD. Trump's visit to Riyadh in April said that Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries are convinced that the PKK, which is under the control of the terrorist organization, Rakka and other cities to allocate a $1bn budget for the re-Imari.

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US to Saudi Arabia to pay for Rakka's bill

The Rakka province, which was taken by Assad regime in 2013 by Syrian opposition and occupied by Deaş in 2014, changed hands on Tuesday (October 17th) with partnership of PKK, US and terror organization. Rakka's terrorist organization, PKK/PYD and United States with co-operation after exchange of United States of America's colonial governor Brett McGurk and Saudi Arabia's Gulf affairs Minister Themir El Sabhan was viewed. The two who walked terror camps n left area.

US President Donald Trump's Special Representative for combating Deaş toured Brett McGurk and Saudi state Gulf Affairs Minister Themir al-Sabhan Rakka.

Advertising allocated a budget of $1 billion

Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia states that parties have an agreement in this direction and development of regions occupied by PKK's deaş pretext will be undertaken by Saudi Arabia. Firstly, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE's Haseke, difficult to say, information that comes from a budget of 1 billion dollars in north of Rakka and Aleppo under zoning.


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