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Usa, the book of Hillary Clinton swamped by negative reviews. Amazon deletes them

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Usa, the book of Hillary Clinton swamped by negative reviews. Amazon deletes them
One thousand and five hundred reviews in just a few hours. Almost all negative. The morning after launch of "What happened", biography in which Hillary Clinton back on his defeat by Donald Trump, Amazon has had to suspend system with which users evaluate products: too many votes from 1 star, most of users are not verified, appeared in a short.If Hillary Clinton had won: cover ever come out of New Yorker, Of one thousand five hundred reviews recorded Wednesdayì, only 338 came from accounts that had purchased book on Amazon, as verified Quartz. "it seems to Me unlikely that fifteen hundred people have read book of Hillary Clinton during night, and if y made a'd & c così contrasting", said l'publisher. Quartz has traced l' source of comments, calculating average: overall score was 3.2 out of 5 stars, that of verified users 4.9, while non-verified, had a 2.3 average.Amazon has guidelines to be applied in se situations. "When verifichiano an unusually high number of reviews that are expressed in a limited period of time, are deleted, and those of account that is not associated with l'purchase of product on our website", said Amazon.Now on site are remaining 698 reviews, 95 percent of which are 4 stars and up. Among se, non-c'è that of Donald Trump, who according to his spokesman, it would be better to not let him escape no comment. A clue about preferences of users who have commented on biography of Hillary comes to us from Amazon. In top left corner is suggested l'purchase of anor book, " più seen" by users that are on page of "What happened". It's called "Great Again". Is of a certain Donald J. Trump.


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