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Venezuelan government arrests former Minister Chavez Rodríguez Torres

The general, chief of Intelligence of Chávez for 10 years, is part of the purge undertaken by Maduro to dismantle an alleged conspiracy against him

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Venezuelan government arrests former Minister Chavez Rodríguez Torres

The Venezuelan intelligence service has arrested major retired army general, Miguel Rodríguez Torres, as part of a purge that began this weekend to dismantle an alleged new conspiracy against government, which already adds a dozen Active military detainees, including four chiefs of battalions.

Rodríguez Torres was taken on Tuesday afternoon by six officials of Bolivarian Intelligence Service (Sebin), when he participated in an event in commemoration of International Women's Day at President Hotel in Caracas. The agents of organism that he directed for more than 10 years took him out of place without a warrant of capture and without handcuff him and y put him in a van.

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The government claims that its arrest is due to its participation in "actions against peace" and "plots" against "monolithic unit" of Bolivarian National armed Forces. "The criminal actions planned by this lord and his accomplices included armed acts and conspiracies against our Constitution," says an official statement read on Venezuelan television channel.

The environment of Rodríguez Torres is still unaware of reasons why it was arrested that he was Prime Minister of Interior and Justice of Nicholas Maduro and chief of intelligence of Hugo Chavez, from coup d'etat of 2002, when he began to form part of circle near Not deceased president. Sources of military claim that he was transferred to headquarters of military intelligence in urbanization Boleíta of Caracas.

Rodríguez Torres was at forefront of security portfolio between February and July 2014, during crackdown on intense days of antigovernment protest in that year in which 43 people and 400 or wounds were killed.

But Maduro ordered his removal after Rodríguez Torres was charged with assassination of José Odreman, leader of collective armed Chavez March 5, and persecution against his allies on October 7, 2014. "Citizen Minister of Interior and Justice, it happens to Joseph Odreman anything, I assume it and I tell responsibility to you, because you are doing se scenarios. It is enough that we sacrifice more comrades combatants, enough, comrade, "said militant Chavez to local television stations hours before he died in a clash against agents of body of scientific investigations, Criminal and Department (CICPC) in Downtown Caracas.

Since that time he had divorced government and became part of so-called Chavez dissent through wide-ranging challenge of all, with which he had aspirations to be a presidential candidate, until last month was disabled by Comptroller To hold public office for a year in country. Their intentions provoked regime's veto. The measure arose in full announcement of call for presidential elections scheduled for next May 20.

"Venezuelans want a radical change in management of national politics. We want democracy! A mature clean election would lose 80/20, "tweeted recently military who was part of military rebellion of February 4, 1992, led by Hugo Chavez, in which he directed assault on mansion, presidential residence.

For years Rodríguez Torres had become one of connoisseurs of intelligence secrets of Venezuelan state. Iris Valera, Minister of Penitentiary Service, had demanded his arrest for his alleged links with Oscar Perez, rebel pilot of CICPC who attempted against headquarters of Supreme and Ministry of Interior Relations and justice, assassinated in an operation of Police forces last January 15th. He had also been blamed for killings of Eliezer Otaiza, Sebin director, and deputy Chavez Robert Serra.


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