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White House: The prosecutor's name is dangerous

The White House described the name of the Hawaiian Federal Judge Watson, which halted the execution of Trump's travel restriction decision targeting eight countries, as ' dangerously flawed '. The US Department of Justice will make the necessary legal applications for the decision to take effect.

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White House: The prosecutor's name is dangerous

The White House criticised Hawaiian Federal judge Derrick Watson, who stopped execution of US President Donald Trump's decision to restrict travel to 8 countries, arguing that judiciary would "finally make right decision".

The White House made a written statement about Trump's travel restriction.

Describing decision to stop execution of Judge Watson as "dangerously flawed", White House reported that US Department of Justice would act immediately and make necessary applications.

  • The statement said that Trump's decision was to protect safety of American people, and that se countries could not provide some information requested to complete necessary security procedures in visa processes. For this reason Trump's decree will be taken into force in order to enter every step, and judgment will ultimately make right decision.

The U.S. government's decision to bring strict security procedures and restrictions to new visa applications of Iranian, Somali, Yemen, Libya, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela and Chad citizens on September 24th, by Hawaiian Federal Judge Watson " He was stopped yesterday on grounds that he discriminated against people.


The decision, which will replace Trump's previous "travel ban" and signed on 24 September, was announced to take effect on October 18th. The Sudan in previous list was not included in new list, while North Korea, Venezuela and Chad were added to list. Trump management, in March, majority of population of Muslim Iranian, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Libyan Citizens for 90 days for a new visa and all refugee admission to country was decided to be stopped for 120 days. The ruling decision was moved to Supreme Court by US Department of Justice.

Chad can leave list

On or hand, US state Department said y were making fruitful negotiations with administration of Chad, and that y hoped to eliminate necessary deficiencies as a result.


The ministry explained that if all processes were completed, Chad could be ejected from projected list for travel restriction.

World Trump's travel restriction stopped on grounds of ' discrimination '


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