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Why the US gun laws will not change ä

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Why the US gun laws will not change ä

If re is a security in this country, it is that it was only a matter of time before a massacre like Las Vegas would shock country once again. In USA, shootouts and rampages are now commonplace. Three weeks ago, someone shot eight people in Plano, Texas, but y barely heard about it because eight shot victims are no longer enough to make headlines.

The figures speak a clear picture. Since massacre at a gay club in Orlando in June 2016, n deadliest assassination in history of US, at least 585 people died in so-called "mass shootings", more than 2100 people were injured in shootouts. In United States, more people die from weapons than by AIDS, drugs, wars and terror. But what has been done politically since assassination in Orlando? Nothing.

Video for murder needs evil weapons on bloody massacre of Las Vegas follow only hollow rituals. Everyone knows: America has a weapon problem that is ignored by judges and incompetent politicians. Comment by Hubert Wetzel more...

The gun violence of past years, considered nationwide, did not lead to stricter laws, writes think tank "Center for American Progress". On contrary. The many shootings resulted in more and more people buying weapons in order to be able to defend mselves in an emergency; Which led to a kind of upgrade. 300 million firearms are now privately owned-and every time President Barack Obama talked about doing something at last, sales skyrocketed.

In state of Nevada, every twenty hours a person dies from a bullet

So even though unlikely case of happen and politicians Beschlössen new laws, which is difficult to imagine under this president, all MPs and assault rifles would not just disappear. In state of Nevada, for example, where assassination happened on Sunday, every twenty hours a person dies on a sphere.

There is an entire map of rampages in USA. Places like Aurora, Littleton or Orlando are forever drawn by assassinations in cinemas, schools or nightclubs. So now Las Vegas, a city where many Americans spend a few days forgetting ir everyday life behind gambling machines. In interviews next day, some people on streets said y would be ashamed to go to casino now, after all that happened. Weddings were canceled. But at latest in a few days everything will go usual way again. "The show must Go on", no city fits set better than to Las Vegas. And he also fits into political Washington.

Every assassination is followed by same ritual. Politicians tweet about ir shock and send families of victims ir "thoughts and prayers"; This is how Paul Ryan, Speaker of House of Representatives, wrote. The flags are on half-mast, affected politicians faces stammer in television cameras that America must now hold toger. "But much more will not happen," prophesied Washington Post.


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