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Wildlife Picture of the year: Hopefully this photo moves something!

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Wildlife Picture of the year: Hopefully this photo moves something!

Dried blood sticks to animal's face. The horns – just chopped off!

It's a picture that makes you shudder. One that's supposed to shake up. The photographer Brent Stirton has recorded it in a game reserve in South Africa. Now he was awarded Wildlife Photographer of Year award.

The prize is considered one of most prestigious awards for nature photography. The jury's explanatory statement states that Stirton had portrayed tragic scene "almost majestically." The photo of beast murdered at a water hole with two gunshots is "symbolic of one of most wasteful, cruel and unnecessary crimes in nature".

Rhino Murder in South Africa
  • Cruel poaching y're rotting rhinos!

    Already 139 rhinos were poached in South Africa this year because ir horn in Asia is worth more than gold.

"In photo lies an appalling intimacy: it draws us in and asks us to investigate our own responsibility and to find an answer to it."

The pointed rhinoceros is acutely threatened with extinction, but poachers continue to hunt for animals. Even if trade with horns in South Africa is officially banned, powder-ground loot is smuggled out of country.

Also interesting

In Asia, rhino powder is sold as a potency agent, gram price is higher than that for gold or heroin.

The most impressive nature photos

The sad image of rhinoceros will be seen from Friday along with 99 more photographs in an exhibition at London Natural History Museum.

They are best photos of competition. Professionals and amateurs from 92 countries had applied for award with nearly 50 000 contributions.

The Youth prize "Wildlife Photographer of year 2017" went to Daniel Nelson for his portrait of a flat land gorilla from Republic of Congo.

The photo taken by Daniel Nelson shows a flat land gorilla from Republic of Congo. The picture was taken with youth prize of Wildlife Photography of year 2017 GekürtFoto: Daniel Nelson//Wildlife Photographer of year/DPA Anor contest Photo: The picture taken by Tony Wu shows sperm in front of Sri LankaFoto: Tony Wu//Wildlife Photographer of year/DPA

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