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Xenophobic vice-President Salvini visits ground zero for migrant landings

The Italian Interior minister and leader of the league starts his term with a trip to Sicily

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Xenophobic vice-President Salvini visits ground zero for migrant landings

The policy is, for Matteo Salvini, new vice-President of Italy and newly-elected minister of Interior, an infinite electoral campaign. The first day of work invited press to his office to show live his enthusiasm estajanovista with chief of police. And this Sunday has taken a plane to go straight to ground zero of immigration crisis that has experienced Italy in recent years. Pozzallo, south of Sicily, is port where most ships that rescue migrants on high seas Dock. He calls taxi drivers to those NGOs who play life on a daily basis. "Vicetraficantes" has already qualified m as owner of Interior portfolio. Right re is one of two reception centers with greater volume of identifications, where this Sunday y expected news about ir destination around 100 migrants. Most Tunisian.

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Salvini, who has launched se days a petition to Italians to consume patriotic products, arrived in a German car to reception center. He was expected by Governor of region, Nello Musumeci, and major flat of law enforcement. He walked around facilities, didn't talk to anyone — "They're learning Italian, but now y only speak French," he responded to this newspaper — and he went out to talk to press, where he is much more comfortable. "Italy will say no to reform of Dublin Treaty," he launched to begin barrage. "There is no house or work for Italians, imagine for half of Africa. Sicily cannot be a refugee centre. " Outside, stationed at gate, partisans and detractors fought a bare cry.

For Salvini, country lives an invasion. But landings in Italy — more than 600,000 in last five years, according to UN — decreased by 2017 by 70%. But Salvini, always attentive to environment, has not adapted this time his speech to circumstances. Immigration is wound in which new league has been built. A political artifact in image and likeness of National Front of Marine Le Pen, which shouts "Italy for Italians". Just starting work, same Friday night, minister of Interior announced a "nice cut" in 5 billion that Italy intended for reception.

They are actually less and it will be difficult to do so, because largely y are European funds that y cannot touch. But threat is re. "The illegals must pack up, calmly, but y will leave. States must re-exercise as such and vicetraficantes will not dock in any Italian port, "he launched on Saturday. The government agreement between M5S and Liga points to 500,000 people as an object of expulsion. But nobody concretes an exact figure and repatriation agreements only exist with Nigeria, Tunisia and Morocco. A minority percentage of thickness that Salvini would like to send back home.


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