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Xi unveils new cabinet with no successor in sight

The new members of the political bureau are more than 60 years old, an indication that none will relieve the Chinese president in 2022

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Xi unveils new cabinet with no successor in sight

Chinese president Xi Jinping unsurprisingly obtained a new mandate this Wednesday at head of Communist Party of China (CCP), surrounded by a leading team without an alleged dolphin, becoming most powerful leader in 40 years, with potential to remain In power indefinitely. "I assume my re-election not only as an endorsement of my work but also as a stimulus for furr progress," said Xi Jimping in a live broadcast speech on television. Xi, dark suit and red tie, appeared before press with or six members of Standing Committee of Political Bureau-elected this Wednesday by XIX Central Committee of Chinese Communist Party-, small organism that holds power in China. At its first meeting, new Central Committee, appointed by Congress that has just been held, elected Xi Secretary general of party and chairman of Central Military Commission, body that controls armed forces.

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In a millimeter-choreographed event in Grand Hall of People's Palace, Xi led presentation of new members of Political Bureau and Central Committee. Xi, 64-year-old leader of CCP since end of 2012 will continue five more years as secretary General, Supreme office in Chinese power pyramid. The 2,300 delegates of Nineteenth Congress of CCP unanimously adopted on Tuesday inclusion in statutes of CCP of "thought of Xi Jinping on socialism with Chinese characteristic for new era".

A concept that constitutes an "action guide" for world's largest party, with 89 million members. Prime Minister Li Keqiang, 62 years old, will continue to integrate political bureau, which was almost completely renovated with replacement of his or five members, reached informal age limit of 68 years. All new members are more than 60 years old, an indication that none of m will happen to Xi at next Congress in 2022.

The new members will probably have less influence than ir predecessors, after Xi was exalted on Tuesday at a level similar to that reached by Mao Zedong. Xi becomes first Chinese leader since Mao (1893-1976), who directed China from 1949 until his death, to see his name inscribed in statutes while still in power. The name of Deng Xiaoping, which happened to Mao in power and propelled in years 1980 reforms that made China second world economic power, was included in statutes after its death, in 1997.

The names of two predecessors of Xi Jinping, Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao, are not included in statutes, although ir work is mentioned. "The thought of Xi Jinping will be ideological line of China and new communism," said Xinhua official agency in a comment published on Tuesday. The directives put an emphasis on party's central role in directing all areas of life in country, from economy to what people say on social networks. The new members are Li Zhanshu, a confidante of Xi of 67 years, Deputy Prime Minister Wang Yang, of 62 years, important oretician of party Wang Huning, also of 62 years, director of departmental organization Zhao Lehi, of 60 years and chief of party in Shanghai , Han Zheng, 63 years old.

Xi, he joined structure in 2007 when he was 54 years old and succeeded Hu Jintao as secretary general and president five years later.


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