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You can't play on two opposing teams

The problem of the Fund between the Republic of Ireland and its neighboring Northern Ireland

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You can't play on two opposing teams

You cannot play simultaneously on two opposing teams. That is underlying problem for a border between Eire ( Republic of Ireland) and Ulster ( six Counties of Norrn Ireland).

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If Ulster is active in internal market; The Customs Union (with its common outside tariff, but not inland); The policies that save him (such as subsidies to his agricultural exporter). If irs enjoy freedom of movement of Europeans (all under arbitration of EU Court of Justice, cjeu of Luxembourg), it cannot belong to a segregated United Kingdom of EU. It's that simple.

Then, being two separate and partly contradictory economic spaces, a hard border between north and south will have to be activated: to charge tariffs on goods that pass through it, to control pockets to travelers who cross it, to vaccinate ir animals of Company.

And that's what nobody wants on little island. Not even very ultra-unionists who hold with assisted breathing to minority Theresa May. They have cousins, friends and customers a few miles, or yards, below border line, today only virtual.

In this case, Brexit would undermine Common Travel area, free movement of people between islands (a mini Schengen pioneer), for which everyone can settle down where it is placed. Something that governs since Twenties: a million Irish did it in 1945 looking for work on Big Island at end of Second World War.

Remember a more limited precedent, but it failed: hyposis that Ukraine could sign a first-class economic partnership agreement with EU, while maintaining privileged economic ties with Russia, ended as Rosary of Aurora. Remember Crimea.

In case of two Irelands, tradition preceding Anglo-Saxon accession to EU is scalloped of conflicts because of tariff differences, unfair competition when changing artificially prices: it would be a throwback of decades (Denis Macshane, Brexit, no Exit, IB Tauris, London, 2017).

Among or reasons, because Ulster has brought enormous benefits from its membership mediate to EU: foreign direct investment, multiplication of its exports to EU. Amen to peace of religious community sponsored by Union.

So three exits are profiling. One is that British market is merely a copy — and forever — of European internal market. Two drops of water. It is convergence (i.e., identity) regulatory, including arbitration of disputes by CJEU. But that's not a Brexit. His godfars promised something very different.

The or is that United Kingdom-Ulster border will stay in sea. And Ulster ceases to be a British market to remain European. Enmascarándolo with a political confederation of Kingdom n disunited, and keeping him figure of Queen. The end, Ay, of British sovereignty.

The third, a miracle.


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